Does Amazon Prime Deliver On Sunday?

Does Amazon Prime Deliver On Sunday? Inc. is one of the largest online retailers that focus on e-commerce business, cloud computing, big data technology, digital streaming platform, and artificial intelligence. Amazon introduced its prime segment in 2005, with a membership fee of $79 per year. They offered unlimited two-day delivery for the prime members. Read more Does Amazon Prime Deliver On Sunday?

Amazon has evolved prime since its commencement and added many more features and faster delivery. And after covering a long timeline, in 2015, Amazon introduced same-day delivery for its Prime customers in around 27 metro areas. This facility boomed the users of the prime subscription. It was 2019 when the prime membership fee was increased to $119 per year. The members join prime membership mainly for faster and free delivery. But, a question strikes every customer’s mind, whether Amazon prime delivers on Sunday or not? Amazon came a long way from next-day delivery to same-day delivery and now introduced deliveries on Sunday, announced in November 2013.

Amazon and USPS

Jeff Bezos started Amazon as an online bookselling platform from its garage. He took the liberty to use United States Postal Service (USPS) as a reliable logistic partner to reach its customers. U.S Postal service was known to work on every extreme condition efficiently, even at government shutdowns. Amazon, along with USPS, started its Sunday delivery and delivered its priority mails and specific Amazon packages on Sunday. As the most prominent e-commerce service Amazon, Amazon has its independent courier partner to reduce its dependency on a single logistic partner.

Amazon and Sunday Delivery

Amazon has given its prime customers an advantage to get their packages delivered on Sundays. On average, for its non-prime members, delivery takes around 5-8 business days to get delivered. Still, to compensate for Prime deliveries on Sundays, non-prime members are least expecting their deliveries on weekends, specifically Sundays.

Factors Affecting Sunday Delivery

The Sunday delivery by Amazon depends on various factors, sometimes considering all the factors, whether the delivery is chargeable or free depends; this also includes Sunday delivery.

  • Location

Amazon doesn’t offer next-day delivery or Sunday delivery for every location. There are very few countries and cities where Amazon has introduced its Sunday deliveries. Not even the whole U.S is subjected to Sunday delivery, but specific cities of the U.S do. Amazon will mention the option of whether the customer’s zip code location is eligible for Sunday delivery or not at the time of ordering the item.

  • Prime Members

Amazon has given many benefits to its prime customers, including free delivery options, prime videos, and many more. Amazon delivery brings product delivery to its customer at no extra cost. Whether it is a prime member or not, but they prioritize the delivery of prime member customers. Amazon tries to deliver its product to customers in the least expected time, that delivery includes Sundays.

  • Category of Items

There is no doubt that Amazon delivers on Sunday, but it depends on the product category also. All the items that customers order don’t qualify for fast or Sunday delivery. Sometimes, the items ordered are too bulky, or the seller is very far from the delivery location. All those items are categorized separately by Amazon.

  • Orders With Amazon Marketplace Seller

With the use of the technology of Big Data, Amazon studies the history purchases of customers at all the respective locations. For the data, they know which product is consumed or demanded by the public of that particular locality and keep the items in their nearby inventory and warehouses. So, if an Amazon Marketplace seller fulfills the customer’s order, there will be a high probability of Sunday delivery.

  • International Shipment

Amazon is a global e-commerce marketplace, where the seller is from all over the world. Unlike traditional mail, Amazon makes sure to ship and deliver its product every day, including weekends. But due to delays caused by custom control, Amazon doesn’t guarantee Sunday delivery.

Sunday Delivery Is Applicable to Which Kind of The Products?

Generally, most of the postal service and logistic partners remain closed on Sunday. Still, e-Commerce revolutionized after online e-commerce players were introduced, increasing competition in the global market. Amazon started Sunday delivery to specific locations for specific products. It doesn’t remain easy to put each product category under one umbrella of Sunday delivery, as many factors come into play. The items which are available for Sunday delivery are:

  • Amazon Own Brands
  • Household Goods
  • Amazon Fresh Items
  • Amazon Grocery Items
  • Essential Items (Cooking Essentials, HealthCare, Home, Baby Care, and many more)


Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce giants, out of which Amazon Prime members pay a fee to enjoy the benefits. Through its logistic partners and USPS, Amazon is capable of delivering many deliveries on Sundays as well. But many factors come into consideration, as there is no guarantee whether Amazon Prime will deliver the product on Sunday or not. Still, Amazon has completed many Sunday deliveries and satisfied its customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Amazon’s Sunday delivery time?

Standard logistic time ranges from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Amazon, to deliver its product on Sunday in the same time range.

  1. Does Amazon charge an extra fee for specific Sunday delivery?

No, Amazon never charges any fee for Sunday delivery; Prime members get an extra priority over others on their deliveries.

  1. Is there any way to know whether Amazon Prime will deliver the product on Sunday or not?

No, there is no way the customer can know precisely whether the product will be delivered on Sunday or not, at the time of booking.

Does Amazon Prime Deliver On Sunday?

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