Does Walmart Give Military and Veteran Discounts?

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Walmart is an acclaimed American multinational retail store headquartered at Askansens. The store was founded 59 years ago on July 16, 1962. Walmart is considered the world’s largest company by revenue. It is a family-owned business traded publicly under New York Stock Exchange. Founded by Sam Walton the company is a proud owner of Sam’s club. Read more Does Walmart Give Military and Veteran Discounts?

Walmart works on a model which indulges more towards assuring everyday low prices on most of its products. It is also recognized as one of the world’s largest employers due to the chains of hypermarkets rolled out all across the world including America, Canada, Mexico, and India by different names. 

The chief reason behind the extreme fame of Walmart is its business model which revolves around providing satisfactory discounts, unlike their other competitors. Even though Walmart has always kept its policies crystal clear to its customers there are always a few doubts going around the customer’s head. One such question is-

Does Walmart provide military and veteran discounts?

A clear answer to the question is NO, Walmart does not offer any military or veteran discount at present. At Walmart, only its employees are given an additional discount of 10% on every product. Even the employee’s family can take advantage of the discount cards given by Walmart. 

Even though Walmart doesn’t essentially provide discounts to military officials or veterans there are other options to consider that could help you save a little more on your next Walmart purchase. 

Coupons and recurrent sales are other regarded ways to get heavy discounts on products. You can shop and look for the active coupon codes and apply them as you check out. This could save you at least $8 to $10 every time you shop. When compounded this simple trick can eventually add up to be a significant amount saved.

Recurrent sales add another layer of savings. At Walmart, periodic sales are conducted to promote their stores. Generally, these take place during holidays like Christmas, Easter, Black day. Season ends are also considered an important event in departmental stores to induce their sales.

Retail stores offering military and veteran discount

There’s a long list of active retail stores in America. Out of this long list, we have tried to cut out the popular retail stores offering military and veteran discounts.

  1. Costco Wholesales- Military/Veteran discounts
  2. Fire department coffee– Military/Veteran discounts
  3. Sam’s Club- $10 membership gift card
  4. Publix– Veterans day discount
  5. Kind- Military/Veteran discounts
  6. Fred Meyer- Military/Veteran discounts
  7. Bj’s- Military/Veteran membership
  8. Home chef- Military/Veteran discounts
  9. Omaha Steaks-  Military/Veteran discounts

How does Walmart contribute to the Military and veterans if they don’t offer discounts?

As it’s already clear that Walmart doesn’t provide any military and veteran discounts unlike its major competitors, there’s always this question of how Walmart contributes to the welfare of military personnel and veterans.

They help the veterans and retired military personnel by providing employment. Almost 33k employees working at Walmart have previously served the uniform.  

Walmart has recently renewed its policies by helping the veterans to upskill their resumes and help the families to get a better education through the Live Better you Program.

Walmart is committed to hiring more than 27,000 spouses of military personnel and 49,000 veterans to support their families financially. So, here as being a Walmart associate, the staff can get an additional discount as an employee at the store.

Walmart has recently upgraded its profiles and lauded a new program for military personnel that would effect from next year. In this, the person would be trained and skilled according to their present education and experience.

Walmart has also taken the initiative to improve the health care system for veterans around the states. They do recognize the space to provide job opportunities only for the individuals having the necessary education and training for the same. 


Walmart is one of the most famous discount retail stores In America and other countries. It has its stores across 10,000+ locations. Walmart is celebrated all across its location for heavy discounts and everyday low prices on daily usable items. Even with lucid and transparent policies, customers are often recorded to ask questions related to military and veteran discounts at Walmart stores and the answer always comes out to be a big NO. 

To sound appealing, Walmart already provides satisfactory discounts on every product to indulge in other discounting ranges. The only people given discounts at a Walmart store are its own employees. Most of the time close family members are also eligible to counter a discount of 10% on every product by getting a card exclusive for employees and their families. 

For the ones looking for military discounts, they can consider visiting Sam’s club which is one of the subsidiaries of Walmart corporation. They offer discounts on the renewal of their membership cards.  

Does Walmart Give Military and Veteran Discounts?

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