Does Target use Telecheck or Certegy?

Does Target use Telecheck or Certegy?

Telecheck and Certegy are check verification services that allows businesses and individuals to verify the validity of submitted checks. Certain services also allow for a check of the account holder’s history for additional security. Target, being a popular retail chain in the US, naturally needs a robust check verification service to avoid fraudulent payments. So which one does it use? Read Does Target use Telecheck or Certegy?

As of 2021, most Target stores use Certegy for check verification, but some also employ Telecheck. In addition to verifying the validity of the current checks submitted, Certegy also runs a check on the account history for a fool proof assessment.

What does Certegy Check? 

You have done your shopping, had the products scanned at the counter, and you proceed to pay with your check. Now, what details will Certegy verify? 

While the complete details of Certegy’s verification system are not made public (to prevent fraudsters from developing a way around it), we do know that it uses a risk assessment technology for verification. Broadly, this system, via methods of statistical analysis, checks the pattern of writing checks and previous transactions, which it then compares to the checks that have already been processed. 

Specifically, Certegy does not have access to check your credit card usage, score, or account history of other methods of payment. 

Target, Certegy, Telecheck and Check Verification: Why? 

Target is one of the largest retail chains in the US, with stores in a number of cities catering to thousands of customers. Various Target stores spread over the country process payments by hundreds of different customers on a daily basis. Many of these customers prefer to pay via checks, after they have authorised Target to process it electronically.

If a check is written against some account not possessing sufficient funds, it will bounce. In this situation, Target will either have to go through a long and painstaking process of tracking down the customer to obtain payment, or incur losses by not pursuing the matter. 

To avoid this, Target relies on third party check verification companies (such as Certegy and Telecheck), since it is not directly linked to any financial institution. These companies ensure that only reliable checks are passed through, thereby eliminating any potential inconvenience for Target.

Why might Certegy reject your check?

If your check is accepted, the money gets transferred on the next day. All good. But if it isn’t, what could be the possible reasons? 

  1. Payment History: You have a past record of unpaid debts with a financial body.
  2. Certegy History: Sometime in the past, you tried to make payments with insufficient money in your account and Certegy declined your request.
  3. Mistakes: The cashier entered incorrect information into the system, leading Certegy to mistake you for someone else.
  4. No records: If Certegy does not have you on the record file, it will flag you as a risk.
  5. Miscellaneous: Some other checks and factors that are not disclosed to the public, but being a part of Certegy’s verification system, might lead it to decline your check.

Certegy Rejected My Check at Target: Now What?

If Certegy declines your check at Target, you cannot go forward with a check payment. You will either have to pay using any other method, or simply leave your products and purchase at a later time.

To discover why Certegy declined your check, you can contact their customer care department. They will inform you the reason why your check was rejected, as well as verify how accurate your file is. This will help prevent any future rejections.

If you don’t want to call, you can check out Certegy’s free declined check lookup provision. You will be required to provide the transaction date or reference number on the receipt given by the sales register, along with the check number.

Do I Have to Contact Certegy Immediately? 

If you are busy or occupied, don’t worry! It is not necessary that you contact Certegy immediately after your check is rejected. 

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, consumers can view their reports, free of cost, every twelve months. Thanks to this, you can contact Certegy anytime, view your reports and file with them, investigate previous check decline(s), sort the issue and modify your details. 


Target, like many major companies, relies on third party bodies to verify checks submitted by customers in order to avoid fraudulent payments. A large number of its stores use Certegy check verification services, while some opt for Telecheck. 

Certegy submits your check to a number of verification parameters, ranging from those comparing your check to those already in the system to looking up your account history. There might be a number of reasons for Certegy declining to accept your check. To understand the issue and resolve it, you can contact their customer care department. 

Does Target use Telecheck or Certegy?

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