What does Goodwill do with the stuff they don’t sell?

Goodwill barely needs an introduction. A non-profit which provides community-based programs and facilities like job training and placement service, Goodwill is primarily known for its being funded by numerous retail thrift stores. A place where anyone can buy apparel and accessories at cheap prices, Goodwill thrift stores are just one of the ways which aid […]

What is the Lawn Mowing Job Pricing?

We love seeing a vibrant green lawn with the fresh smell of grass and that relaxing feel when walking barefoot but it comes with a cost and there is a lot of contention about the perfect price for mowing the lawn. Lawn mowing is not easy; it takes time, effort, and money. Of all the […]

In The Thick of The Sugar: My Summer Living with a Professional Sugar baby

Summers have always been a time to discover yourself, get closer with friends, try new things—my summer in 2015 was just that. A summer learning about the world around me, and how my life choices changed who I was. In San Francisco wealth is abundant, there is no shortage of riches going around.  Coming out […]

Why Money Terrifies Me, It Shouldn’t But It’s The Driving Force In The Bay Area

Money literally scares me. Making it, spending it, splurging it. I struggle getting comfortable with it enough to part from it. But with living in San Francisco, freelancing, and starting a publication—I should be able to pat myself on the back. I struggle to be real, to be fiscal, and to be indulgent when I […]

Money Diaries: What An East Bay Student Can Spend In A Week

When living in San Francisco, most would assume that Oakland is vastly much cheaper. And to some degree, I can attest but shocker, we live in the Bay Area—expense is written up in our leases. I tracked my spending for a week in the East Bay and what I discovered about myself was telling—overall, I […]

The Money Diaries: How Much Can You Spend In The City For One Week? We Tested It

Money. The forefront of conversation in San Francisco. Everything from rent to your local coffee shop’s latte—cash is of the loose lipped savants who budget down to the quarter for laundry, but we digress. To fully take part, we had our editors down to our editorial assistants pen what they spent on for an entire […]

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