Does Kroger Accept Google Pay Samsung Pay?

Does Kroger Accept Google Pay Samsung Pay?

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Kroger is one of the top retail companies based in the United States and was founded in 1883 by Bernard Kroger, and named the company on its name. Kroger is one of the largest supermarkets, along with Target, Walmart, and Amazon. The company has around 4,65,000 employees and 2800 stores in 35 states. The company is a growing company in every aspect, as in today’s time, it is firmly standing in the market.

Kroger mainly covers one of the most important markets in the world, i.e., the United States. The standard of living of people and the purchasing power of the customers make the United States a perfect market for supermarkets. With such a good customer base, Kroger also has to maintain its quality and standards. The United States is a country where people want to ease the purchasing process, not only at Kroger but also at different stores.

The payment option also plays an important role, as apart from cash, many customers prefer cashless payment for many reasons, and nowadays, the top reason is the Covid-19 pandemic. The contactless payment has not only made transactions paperless but also made customers go cashless. Google Pay and Samsung Pay are some of the top digital wallets used in the United States, but due to reasons, unfortunately, Kroger at the time didn’t accept both modes of payment.

Digital Wallets in the United States

Cashless transactions are not only preferred by customers but also by retailers as well, because of the ease of handling money and keeping the record of transactions. The digitization of the world and keeping everything at our fingertips made things go easy. Paying through a digital wallet, also known as a cashless transaction, changed the trading process in the markets. The top digital wallets used and accepted by most of the stores are:


PayPal is the most used and preferred e-wallet used in the transaction by customers. The ease of the interface and the percentage of successful transactions has made people use PayPal more. Approximately 76% of the customers prefer PayPal while trading.

Amazon Pay

Amazon has ruled the market of e-commerce and entered the market of payments with its Amazon pay. The trust of the customers at Amazon has led Amazon Pay to be preferred by almost 24% of the customers.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet, now named Google Pay, is used worldwide. The mobile payment app by Google has built trust among its users. The platform is preferred by almost 14% of the consumers.

The cashless payment market is led by these three; apart from them, the next in line is Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which are preferred by 12% and 6% of the users, respectively. Apple Inc. launched Apple pay in 2014, whereas Samsung Pay was launched in 2015. Although many customers prefer, the two latest payment options aren’t accepted at most stores, and Kroger is one of them.

Payment Options at Kroger

Customers for their ease see how many payment options are available to them, as almost none want to trade in cash nowadays. Kroger has various payment options, but the most used ones are Debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, and personal checks. Apart from it, Kroger accepts Kroger Pay, a local wallet created for shopping at Kroger. Kroger is trying very hard to roll other options in the market, as the pandemic of Covid-19 has forced, to revolutionize the methods of payments.

Test Run of Apple Pay and Google Pay

Kroger is one of the biggest supermarkets, and has very few modes of payment. People nowadays are very comfortable in using many digital wallets for their transactions. Kroger, till now, doesn’t have either of the digital wallets except its own Kroger Pay. Competitors of Kroger are leading the way ahead of Kroger, as they have already started taking mobile app payments, including Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay. To give an option because of the pandemic, Kroger launched its own Kroger Pay and started giving test runs to Apple Pay and Google Pay in most stores. But, there is no official news, whether Kroger has started taking Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Giants using Various Payment Methods

Various competitors in the same segment as Kroger are using any other payment methods. Not only Kroger’s competitors, but many giants such as Whole Foods, Disney World, Nike, Adidas, Best Buy, Forever 21 and have successfully started taking almost every type of digital wallet payments everyone accepts. Google Pay and Samsung Pay.


Kroger has its competition with the leaders in the segment, which successfully changes the customer’s needs and situation. Kroger also opted for the change and started giving test runs to many other methods of payment. As of now officially, Kroger accepts neither Google Pay nor Samsung Pay. The only payment method other than cards accepted at Kroger is Kroger Pay, which was an answer to the other wallets. Still, customers saw less or no interest in the wallets, instead preferring to use Google pay, Samsung pay, and other such wallets.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. When was Kroger Pay launched?

After the Covid-19 pandemic hit the entire world, Kroger Pay was launched in 2019

  1. Why don’t Kroger accept Payment apps other than Kroger Pay?

According to Kroger, Kroger Pay will let its customers pay hassle-free and will have no failed transactions.

Does Kroger Accept Google Pay Samsung Pay?

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