Kohl’s Return Policy Without Receipt

Kohls Return Policy Without Receipt

Are you fascinated to know Kohl’s Return Policy Without Receipt. Read this article for more information.


When we purchase any item from any retailer, we are always given a receipt with the purchase. This receipt acts as confirmation or evidence for that particular thing purchased from that store/retail for both the store and the customer. If we ever find any fault with the product or if we don’t need that product anymore we can always return it by showing this receipt to the cashier. They would have the record of the thing that has been purchased and would immediately proceed to return your money. What happens when you don’t have that receipt? How will you return your product? What are the steps that you must follow? This article will guide you through the procedure of how you can return any item without a receipt at Kohl’s.

Any big store/retail would want you to have a receipt when you are aiming to return any product. However, luck happens, you might lose the receipt, peculiarly if the item is bought a long time ago. 

If you are someone who has shopped at Kohl and now you want to return the product but somehow misplaced the receipt for that product you wish to return, then this article is for you.

Kohl’s return policies updated as of 2021

If you are a customer at Kohl’s and you want to return a product but unfortunately lost the receipt for some reason, do not worry at all. Kohl’s took care of this receipt hassle and does not require their customers to carry the receipt to return the product. Kohl’s will manage the return by issuing a store credit refund if you somehow fail to produce evidence of purchase. 

According to the return policies of Kohl, most products purchased in-store and on Kohls.com are to be returned within 180 days after the original purchase date, except for the following products, which cannot be returned without a receipt.

1) Electronic items and watches must be returned within 30 days after purchase, in original packaging along with a valid receipt or account search. Please be careful to erase any personal data or information from any expensive electronic gadgets before returning them.

2) Beauty products (which include Sephora at Kohl’s or Wellness Market as well) must be returned within 60 days after purchase. It must be in new or lightly worn form.

Certain purchases from the retail store might require you to produce a valid ID, so make sure to always keep one in hand to avoid certain circumstances. Know that the refund verification system may only apply to some returns. Refunds may be limited or even denied.

Return policies applicable to Sephora purchases at Kohls

You must have a valid receipt or account search while you are returning any Sephora products purchased from November 1st to December 2nd and returning until January 31st in a fresh or lightly worn-out condition. Returns are always accepted at any Kohl’s store at any location. 

Return Policies applicable for the holiday special season 

All returns must include a receipt or a legitimate form of account lookup, according to Kohl’s Special Holiday Return Policy.

Clothing, jewelry, shoes, and other things that are being returned must also be in their original packaging.

Kohl’s will not accept a return during the Festive season if these requirements are not satisfied.

Return policies applicable for in-store purchases

To complete a refund, retailers may be able to assist in locating the original transaction. You may still return the things as a non-receipted return if they are unable to identify your transaction. In-store purchases have to be returned to the Kohl’s store location. Mail returns for in-store purchases are not accepted. If a consumer receives a refund in the form of store credit, Kohl’s will calculate the credit based on the item’s lowest sale price within the past 13 weeks.

If you have paid more than the lowest discount price in the previous 13 weeks, you will not be eligible for a full refund if you return the item without a receipt.

As a result, customers are advised to save their receipts or pay for clothes using a credit/debit card to view their order history without having to maintain the receipt.

Return policies applicable for Gift Items

A  gift receipt is not required for the customer to return an item to Kohl’s if it was given to them as a gift. Instead, Kohl’s will issue shop credit for the refund, which may be used to purchase anything else in the store.

This condition applies whether the gift was purchased in-store or online as well. Gifts can also be returned by mail provided the consumer provides a receipt, however, Kohl’s does not refund shipping or packing fees.

Assembling Everything

Customer can return clothing, jewelry, shoes, and other items without a receipt as long as the retailer has access to the order history in its database. Kohl’s will reimburse the purchase through store credit if the order history cannot be accessible.

Without a receipt or a proper shop look-up, premium electronics, watches, and other select products cannot be returned. In such cases, customers are encouraged to pay using a debit or credit card so that Kohl’s can handle returns quickly.

Kohl’s Return Policy Without Receipt

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