Walmart Shoe Return Policy

Walmart Shoe Return Policy

Walmart is one of the largest retail stores in the United States of America that sells multiple items to its customers. If you visit one of their stores, you can also find footwear like shoes at Walmart. But if you have already made your purchase of shoes but do not like them as much as you hoped, you can even return them. If you keep track of the time and keep the receipt or proof with you, you can return the shoes and get a refund. See Walmart Shoe Return Policy.

Can You Return Bought Shoes At Walmart?

Of all the items you get at Walmart, most can be returned to the store, and some cannot be returned. However, shoes or other footwear you purchase comes in the former category, that is, they can get returned.

Since shoes and footwear, in general, are prone to not fitting perfectly, customers like to have the option to return them. So as a customer, if you purchase a pair of shoes at Walmart, you can return them.

But, you would need to keep three components so that you can get a full refund on the shoes. You must carry the receipt, the shoes and ensure that the shoes are in ideal condition, while you return them in the given period.

Till What Time Can Your Return Shoes At Walmart?

When you have to return items to Walmart, you would first need to know the period during which you can do so. Walmart also follows a 90- day returns policy like many other retail stores in the USA. 

The policy states that you can return the bought item within 90 days of making the purchase. It is plenty of time for the customer to check the size or anything else and return the item if needed.

If you have also bought shoes from Walmart, you can return them if you find any issues within 90 days. Some people report that they have even returned items after 90 days, but it is best not to take that chance.

Can You Return Worn Shoes At Walmart?

As we have mentioned, the three components you must ensure are the receipt of purchase, time after purchase, and the condition of the shoes. Many people don’t try out the shoes in the store itself and just go by the size they usually use.

So sometimes, when they wear the shoes at home, the fit might not be perfect due to some reason. So in this case, the customer does wear the shoes but doesn’t wear them for long enough to damage or wear them out.

So if you want to return your shoes to a Walmart store, it is best to keep them back until you find time to return them. If you do not do so, you could return your shoes but might not be able to get a full refund.

Are Returns Possible At Walmart Even Without A Receipt?

Since we have covered the other two components of returning items to Walmart, let us move on to the last. The receipt that you get after purchasing something at Walmart is proof that you have indeed purchased.

Without this receipt or any other proof of payment, you cannot prove that you have bought the shoes from the store. You can get your credit card records to show that you have paid for this particular item. 

If you have absolutely nothing that could prove the same, then you could ask the employee to check their records for your order as well. 


Thousands of people purchase many items like footwear from multiple Walmart stores each day. But sometimes, their purchases might not seem ideal to them, so they also have an option to return the items.

If you have purchased a pair of shoes from Walmart that you do not like, you can return them to the store. As long as you follow the given guidelines that we have cleared out for you, you can get the item returned.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you return shoes that you have worn after purchase at Walmart?

You can technically return shoes that you have worn once or twice if you need to. But the case would not be the same for shoes that you have worn a lot since they would somewhat damage or wear out the shoes.

  1. What is the period during which you can return the shoes you have bought?

Walmart also follows the usual 90-day period to deal with the returns of all items. If you buy something, like shoes, you can return them and get a refund if you return them to the store with the receipt in 90 days.

  1. Will you get a full refund when you return purchased shoes at Walmart?

You can get a full refund and get charged no fee for returns if you return the shoes within the time limit in the ideal conditions. As long as you’re on time, the shoes are in a good condition and you have the receipt, you can get a full refund.

Walmart Shoe Return Policy

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