Does Sam’s Club Exchange Propane Tanks?

Does Sam’s Club Exchange Propane Tanks?

Sam’s Club is the go-to place for everything. Be it home decors, grocery, tires installation, or even kitchen applications; you can find everything at Sam’s Club. But does Sam’s Club exchange propane tanks? Read more to find out.

At present, Sam’s Club does exchange propane tanks. Sam’s Club also has the service of 24/7 self-service propane tank exchange.

How much does it take for the exchange of tanks?

Sam’s Club usually sells items at low prices. The exchange of a 20 lb. propane tank charges about a maximum of twenty dollars plus taxes. 

Process of exchanging propane tanks at Sam’s Club

You can either buy a propane tank from Sam’s Club or use any other store and can easily exchange your tank at Sam’s Club. It won’t take more than twenty dollars for the exchange.

Sam’s Club also has 24/7 self-service propane tank exchange services using AmeriGas.

Does Sam’s Club sell propane tanks?

You can easily find propane tanks at most Sam’s Club stores at an affordable price. Sam’s Club deals with various brands of propane tanks like AmeriGas and Blue Rhino. The brand, however, does not matter much; you just need to ensure you are buying a dual valve propane tank.

Alternative places to buy propane tanks from

In case you cannot buy from Sam’s Club for some reason, here are some other places you can buy propane tanks from:

1. Walmart 

You can easily find any brand of propane tank at a Walmart store at a reasonable rate. You can also order it online, and who knows, you might even grab a discount.

2. Costco 

Costco is another place you can find anything you need at an easy rate. You can find a 20 lb. propane tank at Costco for twenty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents.

3. AmeriGas 

AmeriGas is spread over fifty-four thousand places worldwide. The AmeriGas rates for propane tanks are one dollar and sixty-nine cents per gallon. It also offers its new Cynch services, which are so easy to use. You just need to type in your address, delivery date, and drop location for it to work. You will find the tank in your desired location in some time.

4. Lowe’s 

Lowe’s has all kinds of propane tanks to fit your needs and desires, leaving you satisfied. The price differs with the size and brand. You can order the kind you want by selecting it and jotting down the delivery date. You can also pick it up from your nearby store.

5. Ferrellgas 

Ferrellgas is your local propane gas provider, offering you their help for the last eighty years. It has the perfect kind of propane tank for your every need. You just need to click on their website, pick up a schedule that works best for you and wait. They will deliver it right to your doorstep.

Does Sam’s Club refill propane tanks?

No, Sam’s Club does not refill propane tanks yet. That may be because Walmart owns Sam’s Club and refills propane tanks.

Competitors of Sam’s Club

The major companies giving competition to Sam’s Club are as follows:

1. Costco – Costco is another corporation located in the United States dealing with all kinds of products. It has also earned the place of the fifth largest retailer in the world, being a competitor to Sam’s Club.

2. Walmart – Even though Walmart owns Sam’s Club, it is still a competitor since Walmart, too, sells goods at a low price. 

3. Lowe’s – Lowe’s deals with all kinds of appliances, offering various discounts and promotional coupons. It operates 2,197 stores in the United States of America.


In conclusion, Sam’s Club provides the facility of exchanging propane tanks. Like every other service, this exchange one is also low priced and of good quality. You can buy a propane tank from Sam’s Club or any other store and have it easily exchanged. You can also choose to refill it. Even though Sam’s Club doesn’t have the facility of refilling propane tanks yet, you can find it at any Walmart store near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I find it better to refill propane tanks or exchange one?

If you have your own propane tank, then it is better and cheaper to refill propane tanks than exchange them. The price difference is merely eight dollars.

2. How long are propane tanks good for?

In the United States, a propane tank can be used for ten to twelve years.

3. Can I exchange an expired propane tank?

Yes, you can exchange your propane tank after the expiration date, which is usually twelve years.

4. How many times can a propane tank be refilled?

Propane tanks can be refilled every five to ten years, depending on the usage and the country you live in.

Does Sam’s Club Exchange Propane Tanks?

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