Does Sam’s Club Do Oil Changes?

Does Sam’s Club Do Oil Changes?

Among the many advancements the technology has endured, the transportation sector has had major growth. With transportation comes the vehicles, surrounding the whole planet. Oil changing is an essential concept in the process. Now in case you want your oil to be changed and see Sam’s club, here is the answer to your question. See Does Sam’s Club Do Oil Changes?

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is an American retail house selling quality products at low prices. It was founded in 1983 and is owned by Walmart Inc. To date, six hundred companies operate under it. The various products the in company sells are electronics, grocery, health, toys and many more. The various brands it incorporates are Member’s Mark, Pepsi, Weber, Glade, and Danone.

Do Sam’s Club Do Oil Changes?

Even though Sam’s Club offers many services related to this subject like Tired and Battery services. It, unfortunately, fails to provide the oil-changing one.

Why Doesn’t Sam’s Club Do Oil Changes?

Since  Sam’s club is already owned by Walmart and it has the oil changing service, so Sam’s Club doesn’t need one. This may take a bit of being used to, but it is okay.

Alternate Places for Oil Changes

1. Walmart

Walmart has over twenty-five hundred stores over the country with this service. It provides excellent service at an affordable price. The price varies with the kind of engine you have. For example, pit crew oil change comes for nineteen dollars and eighty-eight cents, while the standard oil change comes for twenty-nine dollars and eighty-eight cents.

2. Jiffy Lube

Jiffy Lube is another go-to place for oil changing. The pricing on there is decent. The Jiffy Lube Signature Service conventional oil change requires twenty-seven dollars and ninety-eight cents, and this is after applying the coupon. The value is forty-four dollars and ninety-nine cents.

3 Valvoline

Extending the lifeline of your vehicle, Valvoline provides you with the best service. The price for their conventional oil change is thirty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents, it is best for your everyday driving. Then there’s the max life synthetic blend costing fifty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents, offered with advanced protection. Not only this but a maintenance check is also conducted with your oil change here, making your spent money worth it.

Alternate Services Offered by Sam’s club

1. Tire Installation Services

Sam’s Club offers various tire installation services at varying prices. The tire installation services include the following. 

Premium Tire Installation Package; costing twenty dollars for one wheel, and only applicable to Passenger and light truck tires purchased at Sam’s club itself. 

RV Installation Package, the charges per wheel for which are same for the RV Installation Package as the Premium Tire Installation Package, and it applies only on light truck tires bought from Sam’s club. 

The NHS/ Non-DOT Tire is another tire installation service offered by Sam’s Club, requiring nine dollars and fifty cents for one wheel and is only applicable on the tires bought from Sam’s Club.

Trailer and specialty tire install requires twenty dollars per wheel for their tire service and is applicable only on Sam’s Club tires with a DOT number.

One Time Balance and Rotation charges three dollars and eighty-eight cents per wheel and is applicable for tires that are not from Sam’s club. The user must hold a Sam’s Club membership.

2. Tire Pressure Monitor System Services

These are the tire pressure monitor system services offered by Sam’s Club.

Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset, available for nineteen dollars per wheel is required after the One Time Balance and Rotation tire service.

TPMS Sensor Installation is available for five dollars per wheel and may have additional charges. You need to have Sum’s Club membership for this.


In conclusion, Sam’s club does not offer oil-changing service to date. Who knows, Sam’s club may launch the service in the coming future. There were also the other services Sam’s club offers and the alternate places you can visit for your oil changes. We hope this helped you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you need some kind of membership for Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club typically requires a membership of at least forty-five dollars each year but some services like the food court can be accessible without it.

2. Are there refunds if I order something from their online portal and have issues with it?

Of course, they are processed as soon as the company receives the returned item.

3. What are the accepted payment methods?

The accepted payment methods at Sam’s Club are Cash, Check, Sam’s Club Credit, all kinds of Debit and Credit cards, Walmart credit, and prepaid credit cards.

4. What are the conditions relating to cash rewards?

Cash rewards can be availed by Sam’s Club membership, a two percent cashback is returned on the qualified purchases and they do not expire.

5. What is the cash limit on cash rewards?

There is a cash limit of two thousand dollars which can be stored on your Sam’s club membership.

Does Sam’s Club Do Oil Changes?

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