Does Stanley Steemer Clean Air Ducts?

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Air Ducts?

In this article, we will see ‘Does Stanley Steemer Clean Air Ducts?’.

Stanley Steemer Cleans Air Ducts

To breathe clean air inside your home, regular air duct cleaning is performed. Many firms provide air duct cleaning services in the USA. But does Stanley Steemer, an American company that provides various allergy-friendly cleaning services in the US provide air duct cleaning services? 

Stanley Steemer has been providing air duct cleaning services in Europe for years. It is considered one of the best air duct cleaning service provider companies in the state because of its quality equipment and asthma and allergy-friendly certification. It also has the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) certificate for air duct cleaning. 

Professional and certified air duct cleaners 

Stanley Steemer is a professional air duct cleaners with the National Air Duct Cleaners Association certification. It is important to keep the air ducts of your home clean because the dust particles that sit inside the duct make indoor air harmful and affect the ventilation system. 

They use the best quality equipment for the cleaning process. Like many other air duct cleaners, Stanley Steemer not only cleans the duct but also cleans the whole ventilation system. The whole process of duct cleaning includes the blower, evaporator coil, HVAC unit, and all the other components of the whole system. The company ensures that not a single ounce of dust remains in the system, as it could contaminate the whole system and then pollute your inside air. 

Free Inspection 

For planning an air duct cleaning, inspection is important to know the cost involved and the time required. Also, the inspection tells us how frequently one should go for their air duct cleaning. On average one should perform the air duct cleaning process after every 3 to 7 years. Stanley Steemer does this inspection for free. They do not charge differently for the inspection. 

Cost of cleaning 

The cost of air duct cleaning depends on the factors like the size of the duct, contamination level, locality, number of vents, and climatic conditions. 

In the cleaning process, the price is decided after seeing the size of ducts and vents. $0.15 to $0.25 per square foot is the average cost of ductwork. Whereas the cleaning cost of vents varies between $25 to $45 per vent. The average cost of HVAC cleaning ranges from $60 to $370.

The total average cost of air duct cleaning by Stanley Steemer is between $400 to $650. 

  • For the cleaning of air ducts having 10 to 15 vents, the average cleaning cost is $400 to $525. 
  • Whereas the cleaning cost of air ducts with 15 to 20 vents exceeds $650. 

Cleaning in one go 

Stanley Steemer cleans your whole duck at the same time in one go. Whereas most of the other air duct cleaners clean only a few vents and leave the rest. It increases the chances of contamination of the whole system earlier than expected because the whole duct was not cleaned during the process. 

To remove this possibility, Stanley Steemer cleans the whole duct in one go, so that the system works more efficiently and gives you fresher air. 

When do you need to clean your air ducts? 

Once your air duct fills with dirt and debris, it starts supplying impure air with lots of polluted air particles. This may make your inside air even more polluted than the outside one. Therefore, you should perform air duct cleaning operations whenever you see any signs of air contamination. 

The following could be the signs that you need to perform an air duct cleaning –

  • Increasing dust at home 
  • Dark lines on ceiling walls or carpet that are around the duct vents. 
  • Uneven changes in the house’s temperature. 
  • More than required energy is being used to operate HVAC systems. 
  • After construction work. 

Other major services of Stanley Steemer 

  • Floor cleaning
  • Tike and grout cleaning 
  • Hardwood floor cleaning 
  • LVT Cleaning 
  • Carpet Cleaning etc. 

Stanley Steemer with many other cleaning services also provides the air duct cleaning facility. It is one of the best air duct cleaners in the state. They are professionals, certified, and worth your investment. 

  1. Is it important to clean air ducts? 

Answer: It is important to clean air ducts regularly, because the dust particles it carries from outside when it increases inside the system, start polluting the air inside the home. To keep the inside air healthy to breathe, regular air duct cleaning is important. 

  1. Can I get air duct cleaning services from any of the Stanley Steemer locations? 

Answer: No, the air duct cleaning facility of Stanley Steemer is not available at all the Stanley Steemer locations. You can check from where you can call them for air duct cleaning by contacting Stanley Steemer’s customer service. 

  1. Is air duct cleaning also required in new homes? 

Answer: Yes, air duct cleaning is essentially required in new homes or apartments because in newly constructed homes dust supply is more. So to ensure the quality of air, duct cleaning should be necessarily done. 

Does Stanley Steemer Clean Air Ducts?

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