Who is the Voice of Home Depot Commercials?

Who is the Voice of Home Depot Commercials?

Voice of Home Depot Commercials

Home Depot which is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States comes up with various commercials. The commercials made by the company are highly attractive and feature various products that they have come up with for the customers. Recently, the company has come up with a Revolving Charge card commercial. It is such a type of card that offers flexibility to make low monthly payments or the payments can be made in full each month. The card can help in many other ways as well for the customers. Such types of commercials have been coming up by the company. The company recently uses Josh Lucas as the voice of Home Depot for commercials. He is an American actor and is known for his special roles in many films such as American Psycho, The Deep End, You Can Count On Me, and many others. 

Celebrity Voice Overs 

The home improvement company has previously used many top celebrities to voice the commercials made by the company themselves. The marketing strategy is not only used by Home Depot but by many other competitors and other business entities as well. This is done to attract customers to the product or service that the company is releasing for them. 

  • During the 1990s, Brian Cummings, another world-famous American voice actor, was the voiceover for Home Depot’s commercials. The American voice actor not only worked with Home Depot but was heard on different platforms such as radio, televisions, various commercials, motion picture promos, cartoons, and many more. 
  • Brian Cummings served the company as a voice actor for commercials for many years then, Ed Harris was chosen to take over the position. 
  • Edward Allen Harris is another world-famous American director, actor, producer, and screenwriter. He has been seen in various blockbuster movies such as The Truman Show, Apollo 13, The Hours, and many more. 
  • Currently, Josh Lucas is the actor who is doing all the voice for Home Depot’s commercials. 
  • The actor has been in touch with the company for quite some time. 
  • Few reports have revealed that the American actor has been doing the work since September 2013. 

He will continue to do his job for the home improvement company as of now there is no news of him leaving the organization. 

Josh Lucas’ Contribution 

Interestingly, after the American actor John Lucas was hired as the voiceover at Home Depot where many people started watching the commercials made by the company. There was a huge buzz around that the voiceover made by Josh Lucas was highly attractive.  

This was even revealed by the spokesperson of The Home Depot. He revealed that it is always great to work with Josh Lucas and his voiceover is amazing and is growing more as the days are passing by. 

  • Three-four different stars had done the same job as Josh Lucas but, Josh Lucas has something quite different. 
  • People have revealed that the voiceover done by Josh Lucas is sexy. 
  • His voiceover has made Home Depot as a whole sexy and is still doing it in the commercials made by the company. 

It seems like after Josh Lucas was hired as the voiceover for Home Depot’s commercial the customers and the fans have been attracted to the company. 

Home Depot’s First TV Commercial

Home Depot, the home improvement company was founded way back in 1978 and has been producing various commercials ever since. But, they started using celebrities as voiceover commercials after nearly twenty years of their establishment in the market. 

The very first Home Depot commercial cannot be found online unfortunately, it is no longer made available online. But, the company has made many commercials that are available on some websites which the customers can still refer to. 

  • The first Home Depot commercial was aired on KTRK Channel 13 in 1985 that is seven years after the establishment of the company. 
  • Interestingly, the first commercial that was made by the company was an ad break for the movie ‘The Five Pennies’. 

What Features?

The first commercial made by the company features that 

  •  The employees working in the company are thanking customers. 
  • The company in the commercial was seen listing their best local prices and various offers to the customers who were based in Houston, Texas. 

The advertisement or the commercial by Home Depot was highly appreciated by many customers or viewers in the market. They have always come up with various interesting yet unique commercial ideas for the customers ever since their first commercial was released. 

The same kind of commercial activities is being followed by the company, but this time Josh Lucas is the voiceover actor for the company. 


The home improvement company has evolved quite well ever since they came into the market. The marketing strategy used by the home improvement company has always been amazing and the same for choosing Josh Lucas as a voiceover artist for their commercial. Customers and other critics have well appreciated that Josh Lucas was hired for the voiceover for Home Depot’s commercials. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How to check the account balance of the Home Depot card?

Answer- The balance check for any card given by Home Depot the home improvement company can be done online. Customers can also do it over the phone by using their calling feature or the customer care number that is available online. 

  1. What is the payment cycle at The Home Depot company?

Answer- The home improvement company pays its employees and workers bi-weekly. The company does not use the weekly payment format; the pay period begins on Monday and ends on the second week of Sunday. 

  1. Why is The Home Depot so famous in the country?

Answer- The company is best known for its range of home improvement products. They are highly specialized in the line of area and offer customers great benefits and offers. The products that the customer sees from the company are tools, equipment, and other supplies that could be used for decorating, small buildings, and other such types of jobs. 

Who is the Voice of Home Depot Commercials?

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