Does Walmart Burn CDs?

Does Walmart Burn CDs?

In this article, we will see the answer to your question ‘Does Walmart Burn CDs?’

Good Old Days

Music is medicine to the soul and a way to escape from reality into fantasy. Just as music has evolved over the years, people have found new ways Ato get hold of their favorite songs. However, we still have old school people in the 21st Century who cling to the golden ways till today. We might still find the big record players in some old homes, radios with antennas are still used by mothers and grandmothers and children still use their old tape recorders with cassettes for school activities.

We must realize, instead of switching to digital music, where one just needs to open a particular application, choose and play the song that they like, these not-so technologically advanced ways are much better. They help bring families together, unite friends in a completely different way.

CDs and DVDs, Rulers of the Era

If you recall, I did not mention one essential music choice that continues to reign supreme in nearly every family. It’s the CDs and DVDs, as some of you may have suspected. This may generate a surge of excitement in my readers’ heads because it was and still is an excellent method to listen to all of our favorite tunes without interruptions and, of course, for free. All you have to do is bring an empty CD to the store, tell the storekeeper whatever song(s) you want, and he’ll burn them onto the disc for you.

What is now burning? No, we’re not talking about setting fire to something. The music is just downloaded into the disc when it is burned. In other words, the music is downloaded from the internet to the computer and then inserted into the disc via a process known as burning. The reason for this is unknown, however, most modern music retailers no longer allow CD burning. Companies that used to offer some of the greatest DVD and CD players have begun to remove them from their stores. One may argue that technology is to blame, but what are our elders going to do if they want to spend some quality time listening to good music? Not everyone is familiar with the new music apps, and nothing comes for free.

A user is meant to spend roughly $85 for 15 minutes of the wholesome music session, which is only valid for a few months. So, in pursuit of an explanation, we dashed to our neighborhood Walmart to see if they still offered this service. Customers should bear in mind that the retail chain offers various services that are only available at certain locations, so they should have a backup plan ready. This is all the knowledge that will undoubtedly be useful to them.

Does Walmart burn CDs?

To everyone’s relief, Walmart recently started its service of burning CDs for their customers. As said earlier, this facility is available at only selected stores but is open for all the online customers worldwide and they can avail themselves the same at If somebody wonders where they will get these CDs for burning and other purposes, well that is always available at any store, not just Walmart. If someone wants to know which section they should look into for the same, just head to the gadgets section and you will find ample options to choose from. The cost factor is different for different capacities. It depends on the number of media files that are being inserted and also the type of file that is being burned inside the CD.

Coming to which outlets will specifically burn the CDs, the stores which have a direct server connected to the online hub of the brand, are the ones that will act as saviors. These shores are known as the Supermarkets. They have a multi-facility option by which customers can solve their problems which arise from online purchases, or in-store purchases. For CDs, they help to download the songs according to the customer’s choice and immediately transfer them to the disk.

For people who are looking for a CD burning service from their homes or through anywhere in the online mode, they have to follow a simple set of steps.

1. On the official website, there is an option of ‘Burning CDs’. Select the option

2. After selecting, there will be a choice box that will allow the customer to choose and select the songs that he/she wants to be burned in the CD.

3. Each song that is chosen comes with an option, “Put in CD’.

4. Once all the songs are selected, there will be an option to ‘Check Out.

5. Once they’ve checked out, the customer will be asked to give his address for shipping and lastly, they will be asked to choose their preferred payment option.


Thus we learnt Does Walmart Burn CDs?. These are the five easy steps that will lead to a customer having the CD of their choice with their favorite songs. The cost is very less, between $3 – $5. This further increases with the number of songs and includes every other charge that comes with it, like blank CD, transportation, and packaging. Thus we come to an end of this article. It will surely help the readers with their doubts about the burning of disks. Keep listening to music, and enjoy your CDs.

Does Walmart Burn CDs?

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