Who makes Nexgrill for Home Depot?

Who makes Nexgrill for Home Depot?

To attain an in-depth analysis of the question of who makes Nexgrill for Home Depot, it is of utter importance that first, we get to know the two organizations involved. Let’s see the quick introduction.


About Nexgrill

Nexgrill Industries Inc., also infamous by the name Nexgrill, is a US-based company founded by Sherman Lin in the year 1993. Nexgrill is involved in the business of manufacturing outdoor hardware like burners, equipment for fireplaces, mirror cabinets, kitchen accessories, tool cabinets, and the most sought-after product of Nexgrill, grills.

Nexgrill sells its products under other brand names too. So, products available of brand Kitchen-Aid, Grill Master, Jenn Air, Member’s Mark, and many others are manufactured by Nexgrill itself.  However, the manufacturing of almost every product of Nexgrill takes place in China. 

About Home Depot

Home Depot does not need a formal introduction; every American citizen chooses Home Depot over any other retail store as far as making alterations or renovating their respective homes is concerned. Home Depot has been continuously associating with brands; generally, American ones, to provide the best product to their customers, who come looking for the finest item for their homes.

Who makes Nexgrill for Home Depot?

The first thing that needs to be made clear is that, as we have seen, Nexgrill is not owned by Home Depot, but by Nexgrill Industries Inc. Hence, there is no other relationship between the two apart from being business partners. 

The Nexgrill products like burners, grills, grill accessories that you see today in Home Depot are being shipped by Nexgrill Industries Inc. to the warehouse of Home Depot, which are then arranged in the store for display. From there, customers investigate the product and make the final purchase decision.


Both of them have been associates in conducting business for a long time. The written contract between the grill manufacturing company and the home improvement retailer is to sell the latter’s product in the former’s store. But it would be wrong to assume that Nexgrill products are exclusively sold at Home Depot. 

Although it sells the majority of its product line via the mammoth home center store, it is not restricted to Home Depot alone for reaching out to customers. Nexgrill supplies grills, burners, fireplace, and cabinet accessories, and other related items to other retailers and online vendors like Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. 

Though Nexgrill doesn’t limit itself to Home Depot alone, it still remains the sole retailer which gets maximum products directly from Nexgrill.

Why does Nexgrill Ship the Majority of its Product to Home Depot only?

  • Brand value – Home Depot is popular among Americans. People residing in the United States invariably choose Home Depot for buying home improvement items. For this sole reason, Nexgrill supplies almost every item to the home center retailer so that it reaches out to a large number of people. It also enjoys the goodwill that Home Depot possesses.
  • Auxiliary Service – Another reason is the additional customer services provided by Home Depot on the purchase of any Nexgrill products. Services that come along with the purchase of Nexgrill products from Home Depot are; arrangement or assembly at the customer’s place of the burner or grill or stove as the case may be, a quality check of the product, prompt services, and relatively competitive price.
  • Exclusive Product Line – One of the salient features of the agreement between them that makes the latter irresistible is the exclusive product line. Nexgrill not only supplies its common products but also provides items that will be exclusively available in the stores of Home Depot. Hence, a customer has no other option but to head to a nearby Home Depot store to get the product.


By now, we came to know they both are two separate companies that are involved in different sectors (i.e., the latter is a home renovating hub while the former got itself into manufacturing of outdoor hardware, grill, and related accessories), who have come together under a contract which proves beneficial for both the organizations.

Who makes Nexgrill for Home Depot?

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