Can Doordash Drivers see your Rating?

Can Doordash Drivers see your Rating?

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The needs of human beings can create wonders and also destroy them. However, in recent times, there have been many inventions that have not only lessened the burden but have also generated employment opportunities for many people. Getting a job previously was a tough task as there weren’t many options and possibilities. These new-age necessities have not only provided work and livelihood opportunities for many but have also made people aware of various possibilities and a change in perspectives via these new inventions and ideas.

Over the years, the food industry has also witnessed significant changes that have benefitted investors in this field. Everything about food is just a touch away nowadays. One of the most integral yet underrated parts of the food industry is home delivery. Home deliveries of groceries, cooked meals, and meat were prevalent since time immemorial. The history of home deliveries dates back to times before the advent of technology. It was mostly meant for the sick and elderly who were unable to visit the stores for errands, so the local stores were aware of their preferences and sent employees to deliver their goods and finish the payment. 

Years later, this was adopted by everyone who has little to no time to run errands and do daily chores. This meant there would be a huge requirement of people for this job and thus many companies initiated this delivery business, out of which food delivery has been hugely successful all over the world. Food is a basic necessity and thus inevitable, which is also one of the major reasons for the success of this start-up. 

Doordash is one such online food ordering and delivery company in the USA, which has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, and was founded in 2013. Since then, it has been a significant part of online food orders and delivery.

How to get a job as Delivery personnel?

Getting a job as delivery personnel at Doordash is easier than expected. One can apply via the main website and also via dropping in at the nearest office, select driver orientation, complete the application procedure, download the app, and then you are ready to start.

The website is very accessible and provides a lot of freedom for the aspiring Doordash drivers like choosing your working hours, selecting your preferred places of delivery, along with incentives and options to earn more.

You just have to keep certain things in mind while applying as a delivery driver. Here are some of them:

  • No expired license or any traffic rule violation in the last seven years.
  • Should not have any addiction problem to substance abuse that might affect the quality of the job and your work profile.
  • Be punctual and alert about the surroundings so that the pickup and delivery are done without any hindrance.

What are the requirements to be a Doordash deliverer?

The job of delivery guy might seem simple and easy but it requires a lot of patience, great communication skills, efficient driving skills, guts and bravery for adverse situations, and most importantly a responsible citizen who understands the value of food and customer service. Here are certain requirements that are laid down by the company themselves:

  • Age: 18 years or older
  • A vehicle registered under your name: it can be a bike, scooter, or even a car
  • License is a must for jobs like this where traveling is the main motive
  • Drivers from the USA are supposed to mandatorily submit a social security number to keep a track of their citizens’ earnings and the number of years worked.
  • The last step is supervised by the company for a background check to ensure if the person they are hiring is of safe and sound health with no criminal backstory.

Can Doordash Drivers see your ratings?

For the drivers to be able to see their ratings, Doordash has not made it available to see individual ratings but if one has to check the overall reviews and suggestions, they can view who has given which type of comments.

The transparency of the app depends on its updates. Every time with a new update, there is a change in the configuration of the layout and accessibility. Sometimes it is transparent whereas at times it allows only certain reviews to be visible. This is to ensure that the Dashers do not feel discouraged with any type of negative reviews. However, it becomes crucial to take a look at the ratings to improve service.

This is the same case with the salary and tips where they can view their salaries but not the tips received from various customers. These rules and regulations are according to the policies laid down by the company and the transparency level is also included in it, which is signed by the Dashers(drivers) at the time of joining.


Working at Doordash is a feasible option for teenagers as it provides liberty to choose working hours according to preference and availability. The ratings and reviews are critical to reading but it is equally important to improve which is why the transparency level is sensitively managed by the app. 

Can Doordash Drivers see your Rating?

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