How Many Devices Can Amazon Prime Use?

How Many Devices Can Amazon Prime Use?

In this article, we will see ‘How Many Devices Can Amazon Prime Use?’.

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription for getting access into an incredible world of Amazon fill with amazing deals. On subscription, the Prime members are given access to incredible discounts in amazon shopping and entertainment. Prime membership is a paid subscription that can be accessed by Amazon customers. 

The Prime members have access to Prime Video, Prime Music, e-books, fast delivery, photo storage, and various other services as well. In 2021 Amazon declared that they have more than two hundred million subscribers in the world. 

In Amazon lightning deals Prime members are notified and can access thirty minutes early than others. A Prime membership is a gateway for entering into all the benefits of Amazon. They are given free delivery services on the same day unlimited music, movies, web series, book, storage, etc. The same account can be shared and can be used by other people as well.  

Amazon Prime Subscription  

Various subscription plans are available for Prime subscription that starts from $ 12.99 per month and $ 99 per year. Amazon Prime members are in almost all countries most of their subscribers are from The United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, India, France, Germany, etc. 

The Covid 19 lockdown had a drastic growth in the number of subscribers. In addition to the monthly and yearly plan amazon provides a subscription for three months and six months as well. With a Prime subscription, the subscriber is entering into a world of unlimited opportunities in each field of entertainment. A Prime subscription not only takes you into purchase benefits but also into the world where technology helps in the popularity of pleasure and peace.

Amazon Prime Subscription Plans

The lowest Amazon Prime plan is $ 8.99 monthly, this plan only gives access to Amazon Prime Video none of the other benefits are not given in this subscription plan. With the Prime subscription for $ 12.99 per month, the subscribers can access all the benefits of a Prime member such as access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Amazon Photo storage, Kindle, and fast delivery. 

The annual subscription plan of $ 119 yearly also gives all the perks of a Prime member. Amazon also has an EBT or Medicaid plan of $ 5.99 per month and students plan for $ 6.49 per month or $ 59 annually.    

Amazon Prime Video and Devices

Amazon Prime Video is the most recognized and widely used digital streaming platform around the world. According to an official Amazon report, three devices can be used from the same account at the same time. But the rule of Amazon asks the subscribers to use two devices from a single account. Amazon videos can be used in various Internet-compatible devices like Android or IOS smartphones, web browsers, fire tablets, television, etc. People can also download from Prime Video. 

These videos can be seen even if the device is offline. Many people share their account details with their friends and family, which is more than three people. It might mean that we can share the account details with as many people as we like, which is against the rules, but only three devices can be used at the same time. 

Amazon Prime Music Account and Devices

A digital ad-free music streaming platform and online music store owned and operated by Amazon, Amazon Music. Amazon Music became the first to sell music without digital rights management from the four major music labels as well as many independents. Ten devices can be authorized to one account. At a time only one device can be authorized to a single account.

Authorization is required for any device to download. In short Amazon Music has authorization limitations. 

Kindle Account and Devices  

Kindle is the world of books for readers. People who are interested to read can use Kindle which is like a library that has all most every book available. Kindle is one such app that is larger than a library. If we dislike reading provide audiobooks. We can browse and borrow up to ten titles and access them from any Kindle reading app from any device. We can also share our Kindle unlimited subscription with any device from our Amazon account by changing its settings.


Amazon has restricted the use of a Prime account by a lot of people. Many people share their User Id and password with their kin and kith that allows them to enjoy Prime membership without taking membership. Prime Video is now restricted to three people. Only three devices can access at the same time. Amazon Music can be authorized for up to ten devices. Kindle can be shared on any device.

Even though Amazon account can be shared there are still restrictions because of the misuse of people. To access all the benefits of Prime membership the subscription plan must be chosen wisely. Even though Prime video is restricted to three devices at the same time no restriction is given to the limit for using one account from different devices.

How Many Devices Can Amazon Prime Use?

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