Aldi Shopping Cart

Aldi Shopping Cart


Aldi is known for its unique business model and incorporating techniques like twice as nice policy, low price of its store brands. Besides these things, Aldi is also known for its enforcing its unique shopping etiquette like paying for shopping carts and bringing their own carry bags while shopping. Since you are reading this article, I assume that you must be new to Aldi and might want to get to know about the shopping system of Aldi. It’s simple, and you become familiar with it after trying it for once. Aldi stores don’t employ people to handle the shopping carts; instead, they have established this system of paying for carts and getting their money back after returning the cart to its place. Let’s see Aldi Shopping Cart.

Aldi shopping carts

Aldi carts are chained with each other, to use the cart customers have to slide a quarter into the machine over the carts. This will free the cart from the chain of shopping carts. Customers can use the shopping cart after this, or they can use an Aldi quarter keychain for shopping to remember to bring a quarter while going shopping.

After completing the shopping, when customers go to the cashier, he/she will put the shopping items into another cart, and they will return the cart by bringing it back to the place from where they took the cart. Customers get their shopping cart from the cart after they lock the shopping cart in the chain.

The Unique shopping cart system at Aldi

Aldi follows this unique system of issuing shopping carts to motivate customers to return the shopping carts to the right place from where they took them. This way Aldi eliminates the chances of employing extra staff to take care of shopping carts. And these savings help Aldi to keep its store brands cheaper despite their high quality.

Aldi also hooks its shopping cart system to values of self-reliance (famous in Germany).

How this actually works?

This method of Aldi for its customers to use shopping carts by unlocking the carts can be confusing for customers, but when a customer visits the Aldi store one or two times, they will get the hack of it. Otherwise, they can also take the help of employees or another customer to understand the system.

Whenever you go to an Aldi store, you might see a person putting the shopping cart back in its place. You can approach them and ask them to give the shopping cart to you and give them a quarter as their quarter must be inside. It’ll save your time as well as theirs as they don’t have to spend time locking the shopping cart, and you won’t have to spend time unlocking the cart.

You can also do the same after shopping as someone might be, there just entering the store, you can offer them your cart instead of locking the cart into the chain.

When you forget a quarter at Aldi?

Remembering a quarter whenever you shop at Aldi can look like a big task to one who is habitual of forgetting things and forgetting to bring a quarter at Aldi or taking the quarterback from the store. To avoid the chances of forgetting a quarter at Aldi, you can buy the Aldi quarter keychains.

If you forgot the quarter into the shopping cart, then you can try to get your quarter back from the cart by inserting the back of any key into the coin slot. It might solve your problem, or you can try exchanging it from a person who is just going to make the shopping cart from the cart corral. You can also try to borrow a quarter from the cashier and return it to him/her after shopping.

Motorized carts at Aldi

Aldi stores have motorized shopping carts, but they can differ from location to location. So it’s better to inquire at your local Aldi store about the availability of motorized shopping carts.

Is it necessary to pay a quarter for using the shopping cart?

Yes, as already mentioned above, you won’t be able to use an Aldi shopping cart if you don’t put a quarter into the coin socket mounted on the cart. Otherwise, the cart won’t be unlocked from the locked chain of shopping carts. It ensures that customers place the shopping carts back to their right place after using it as they will get their money back if they do so.

Yes, there is a way to use the shopping cart without paying the quarter, but it’s of no use as, anyway, the customer gets their quarter back after using the cart.


For new customers, paying for using shopping carts can look like a strange thing to do, but customers get accustomed to this method after shopping once or twice at Aldi stores. As far as shopping carts are concerned, customers pay 25 cents for using the shopping cart and get it back after they return the shopping cart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: do you have to pay for using the Aldi shopping cart?

Yes, you’ll have to insert 25₵ into the box over the shopping cart chain at Aldi to use it.

Q.2: can I get my quarterback after shopping at Aldi?

Yes, customers get their quarter back after they lock the shopping cart into the chain.

Q.3: I forgot to bring a quarter. How do I get a quarter at Aldi?

You can borrow the quarter from the cashier at Aldi or any fellow shopper.

Aldi Shopping Cart

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