Target Lost And Found Policy 

Different stores have different methods of functioning. Their operations are based on their policies and rules. These help them carry out tasks in a specified manner to ensure systematic working and accessibility. 

Coming to the global store, Target has a list of policies right from coupons, refunds, and more. This article focuses on the lost and found policy to help you understand how to go about the process. Learn about Target’s policy as well as what you as a customer or owner of an item can do. 

Target lost and found policy 

About Target

The general store holding all kinds of merchandise is popular throughout the US and in other places as well. Target focuses on providing quality goods with the most cost-efficient means. Right from your daily essentials to your favorite box of chocolates, Target has it all! With brilliant strategies, come policies and rules to follow for a smooth shopping experience. 

Target’s lost and found policy 

First of all, to answer a very common question, yes, Target has a lost and found. With a huge chain of stores all over, it is natural to lose your items amid busy and numerous shopping! However, Target has got you covered! The basic concept is to retrieve what you lost from the lost and found at the customer service desk. Find out more as you read on! 

The customer service desk

 You’re aware of the customer service desk that is prevalent to assist you with any needs and queries. The lost and found also works there itself. Every Target store will have a customer service desk that will also look at the lost and found department. Simply put, if you lose something, head straight to the desk or call customer service. 

How does it work 

Let’s look at the process, it’s as simple as can be. If Target finds a lost item or someone hands in an item that’s lost, it goes straight to the customer service desk. Target will carefully keep these until you have claimed them. However, items that are not very important are kept only for a month or so and then disposed of. Yet, don’t worry, valuables will be kept for a comparatively longer period. This is if the items are found by the staff and reach the lost and found in the first place. 

Claiming lost items

Target holds on to your items for you until you can come to get them. On your part, once you realize you’ve lost something, you need to call or visit the customer service of the same store. Each Target store holds only the items that have been lost in the particular store. So if you wish to retrieve it, be sure to go back to the same store. Describe the details of the item you have lost and if Target has it in possession, it will be given back. That’s it! That’s the process. No hassles, no complexity. 

However, it could be that the store has not yet found your item when you’ve called. In such cases, the customer service may ask for contact details and contact you if they find an item matching your description. 

Lost and found policy of Target-purchased items

What happens when you lose an item you just purchased? Did it fall out of the cart? Was it accidentally left out on the counter? 

Simply follow the same procedure as you would for other lost and found products. Report it to the customer service and mention that it is a product you just purchased. Target will replace this or look for it and have it delivered to you. Keep the receipt handy just in case!


There is no simpler policy to follow for Target. The lost and found is right with the customer service desk, all you have to do is ask. Not just the customer service, even the staff members may assist you if you realize you’ve lost or misplaced something while you’re still at the store. Stay assured that your lost items are in a safe space!


  • What to do if you see something and wish to report it in the lost and found?

If you find an item that you think is lost or misplaced, you can simply report it or hand it over to the customer service desk. If you want an easier option, you can hand it over to one of the staff assisting you and they will take it to the customer service.

  • What does Target do with items that are not claimed for long periods?

Items are generally kept for a few months. It depends on the value of the product that is lost. Toys, eatables, and such products are generally disposed of as per the requirement. Other products may be kept for over a month or two.

Target Lost And Found Policy 

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