What happens when a USPS package is stolen?

The United States Postal Service USPS is also known as the US mail service. It deals with mails, packages, and letter delivery. It posts and mails over 180 countries around the world. Few of them at USPS get stolen sometimes. But do you know, What happens when the USPS package is stolen? Keep reading the article to know about it.

What happens when a USPS package is stolen?

What happens when the USPS package is stolen?

If your package got stolen while delivering through USPS and you are sure that it was marked delivered by them, you will get paid for the same by the company only. You will need to have proper evidence for earning the reimbursement of the package. 

Why is my USPS Package not arriving?

If you are USPS package is not arriving even after a few days of the expected delivery date, then some of the reasons mentioned below can be the explanation for the same:- 

  • It can happen because your package contains illegal items such as drugs, perishables, handguns, etc. And USPS does not allow any illegal items to be delivered to an address.
  • Your package might be stuck somewhere in a post office branch of USPS, in this situation fill a Mail Research Request Form. 
  • Around 3% of overall packages get stolen while mailing through USPS every year. Maybe your package was one of them this year, if you had insurance the company will pay the whole amount for your package. But still, you can have hope and fill the Mail Research Request Form. 

What if my USPS package goes missing?

If you get to know that your package is missing and not yet delivered to the desired address that you wanted it to, then you should consider the following steps mentioned below:-

  • As an initial step, you will need to talk to the carrier about the package and the delivery. If you have insurance, the carrier will make the payment for the package that is missing. 
  • If the problem continues, then do contact the seller. He might replace your item with a new one. 
  • Still, if the problem is not fixed, then consider filing a police report. This process might take a long time. But your package will be delivered to you safely. 

My USPS package is not delivered is it stolen?

First of all tracking of your package. Sometimes the package is not stolen or missed, it may get delayed. The reason for the package not arriving on the time can be delaying of it. Check the tracking of your package if it is delayed.  

If your are package is delayed, then you need to fill a Help Request Form. Now the company will work on the research. If it’s been seven business days of submitting the Help Request Form and your package is not delivered yet. You can fill a Missing Mail Research Request form. This form will require some of the necessary information about you and your package. Make sure to provide details that are mentioned below in form in an accepted and formal manner:-

  • The address of yours.
  • The address of the sender.
  • The size of the package/the size of the envelope if it’s a letter.
  • A proper description of the package such as model, color, brand, etc.
  • Photographs of the package so that the employees can recognize your package easily and with more convenience. 
  • And submit the form at last. 

If the problem carries on, should file a claim against the company for the same. You should reach out to the seller or sender to ask for the reimbursement of the package that got stolen. After reaching out to the sender you should ask for a refund for your loss.

What do the USPS package claim covers? 

If your USPS package is stolen then you can file a claim for it. If you have package insurance, the company will pay for the whole loss regarding your package. If you submitted a Missing Mail Request Form to USPS and through research, the employees found out that your parcel is damaged or lost then the company will pay you only for the cost of shipping. 


In conclusion, when your package is stolen while mailing through USPS, you will have to follow certain steps mentioned in the article entirely. Hope for the best, you will receive the lost package soon. Now that we have mentioned what happens when a USPS package is stolen, lets discuss some of the frequently asked questions.


  1. Does USPS reimburse for stolen packages? 

USPS only reimburse for stolen packages if you had package insurance in the first place. 

  1. Who is liable for the stolen package?

For stolen packages, the company, the seller, and the sender may be the liable person.

  1. Who is responsible for their last USPS package? 

The shipper or maybe the seller is responsible for their last USPS package. 

  1. Does USPS lose packages? 

Rarely, each year only 3% of packages get lost by USPS.

  1.  Who is responsible for a stolen USPS package?

USPS does not take any responsibility for stolen packages. So they are not responsible.

  1. What percentage of mail gets lost by US postal Service?

3% of mail gets lost by US postal Service each year. 

What happens when a USPS package is stolen?

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