Does Safeway sell stamps

Nowadays, Amazon, Flipkart, and various gift portals have become synonymous with sending wishes to loved ones and writing letters has turned into a forgotten practice. This is the main reason why sending a letter by post to someone has become an age-old practice. However, if someone plans to send a letter by post and has managed to write one, then also it is important to get a stamp and an envelope to complete the task successfully. Postage stamps are low in cost, but it is their poor availability in stores that makes them expensive. With that said, the question arises, does Safeway sell stamps?

Does Safeway sell stamps


It is one of the leading supermarket chains in America. With its wide range of products, it has become a one-stop shop for nearly every kind of shopping, including grocery, food, clothes, stationery, and whatnot. It was founded by Marion Barton Skaggs in 1915. With its prime quality products at a reasonable price, the supermarket chain has not only penetrated deeply at the local level but has also emerged as a leading supermarket chain at a national level. As of now, the Safeway network has expanded its reach across 35 states in the USA. Surprisingly, the supermarket chain also has its own Safeway ATM network. Along with this, Safeway also provides a variety of specialty departments for its customers like floral and pharmacy, Starbuck Coffee Shops, and even fuel centers. Moving a step ahead, Safeway is also authorized to sell postage stamp booklets. This has increased the accessibility of postage stamps for the people.  


Conventionally, stamps can be purchased from post offices and some general stores. However, it is very time-consuming to search for a post office near our locality or find a general store which might have kept some stamps for sale. On the other hand, it is much easier to drive into an easily located store that surely keeps stamps, like Safeway. Unlike post offices, Safeway is not closed at weekends. This supermarket chain also has maximum operational hours every day. Most of the Safeway stores are open for 12 hours (8:00 am- 10:00 pm) on working days, i.e. from Monday to Friday. On weekends, they are open for 6 to 9 hours, either from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm or 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Depending on the footfall of customers and its location, some of the stores of these supermarket chains are also open for 24 hours. Anyone willing to purchase stamps can simply ask for them on the Safeway store counters.


There are different types of stamps available for use in the USA. Out of the wide categories of the available stamps, one may find Forever Stamps in Safeway supermarkets. As the name defines, stamps of this category can be used anytime. Moreover, their value doesn’t change with time. This gives an additional benefit to the buyer of preserving the stamp for any future requirements.

In post offices, it is possible to purchase only one stamp, or as per requirement. However, this is not the case with stamps purchased from Safeway. Safeway stores don’t have any post office inside their premises; hence they are not authorized to sell stamps individually. Therefore, one can only purchase stamp booklets from supermarkets.


As of now, individual stamps cost around $0.55 in the USA. As Safeway is authorized to sell only booklets of 20 stamps, customers have to spend around $11 for the forever stamps. Buyers of these stamps have to pay some extra pennies if they are purchasing them from Canada. In Canada, this 20 stamps booklet costs around $18.40, ie $ 0.92 per stamp. However, these stamps will cost around $1.07, if they will be purchased individually in Canada.


At times, it is difficult to locate nearby Safeway stores, mainly at the time of travel. In that case, one can easily locate the nearby Safeway store. To do so, one has to search for ‘Safeway Store locator’ on the internet. The link for finding the location will be available, and one can easily enter their zip code and city location and find the nearby Safeway store.


Q1. What kind of stamps is available for purchase from Safeway?

Ans. In Safeway stores and fuel stations, people can only purchase the First-Class Forever Stamps. It is not possible to buy an individual stamp from the store; instead, they are available in a set of 20 stamps each. The good part is that the value of these stamps remains the same. A single First-Class Forever Stamp will be enough for a 1-ounce letter.

Q2. Can we buy stamps from Safeway online???

Ans. Postage stamps can’t be purchased from Safeway online.

Q3. From where can we purchase postage stamps from Safeway?

Ans. To buy postage stamps from Safeway, one can go to the customer counter at any of the Safeway supermarkets and purchase the stamp booklet. Along with this people can also purchase stamp books from Safeway gas station. There might be some additional discount for those who have a Safeway membership.

Q4. Apart from Safeway, what are the other locations from where postage stamps can be purchased in the US?

Ans. Individual stamps can be purchased from any post office in the USA. However, there are other chains of grocery stores that also keep postage stamps for sale. The list includes Walmart, Save on Foods, No Frills, Wholefoods, Costco, etc.


Regardless of the dominance of technology in our lives, sending letters by post carries its own emotion and relevance for many people living across the USA. The availability of postage stamps in many grocery stores has made it even easier for people to stay connected with the practice of sending letters by post. That’s why Safeway supermarket chains are the best place to purchase all the necessary stationery for writing and posting letters. 

Does Safeway sell stamps

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