Does Amazon accept Prepaid Cards?

Prepaid cards are cards that are not at all linked with a bank account. These cards can have already had a balance in them. And it can be used as a payment option. It is one of the best methods to control extra spending. And mindless shopping. Since in today’s time, all our shopping occurs through Amazon. As it is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. So it is a relevant question does amazon accept prepaid cards.

Does Amazon accept Prepaid Cards?

Does Amazon accept Prepaid Cards?

So the answer is Yes. Amazon accepts prepaid VISA, Master Card, and American Express Cards. But certain restrictions need to be understood. If you have a prepaid card then you can buy almost any item through Amazon.

Amazon accepts Prepaid VISA Card

Unlike any other debit or credit card, Amazon accepts prepaid VISA cards for online shopping. It just demands the necessary details like card number, expiry date to store in its database for a future order, or making a purchase.

Amazon offers some Amazon rewards include Amazon VISA signature cards. VISA is the official partner of Amazon. Hence it cannot reject prepaid VISA cards for payments online.

Amazon accepts Prepaid Master Card.

Yes, of course. Amazon accepts the Master Card as a payment option. But to use it, you need to save it with the details like card numbers, expiry date, and other things. Firstly, it is saved to the Amazon database, then it can be used as a payment option for online shopping.

Amazon accepts Prepaid American Express Card.

Yes, American Express is the largest company whose prepaid option is available as a payment by Amazon. One needs to add them to the Amazon account by filling in the required amount and other details.

Prepaid cards are widely available. And especially these three MasterCard, VISA, American Express. And are used as a payment option in the gift section for any purchase.

How to use a prepaid VISA card for payment?

To use a VISA card for making a payment follow the given instructions.

Step 1 log in to the Amazon account.
Step 2 Search E gift card on the search bar of the site.
Step 3 Enter the amount of the card and add other details.
Step 4 Add to cart your shopping item.
Step 5 Check out the item and pay through the prepaid card.

Restrictions while using Prepaid Cards

Although, prepaid cards are available as a payment option. Some restrictions while using them as a payment option for online shopping. After following the steps written above prepaid card is added as an option. And `the payment is made by using it.

But the problem lies in when you need to add another debit card or credit card to make the payment. Then the site does not support adding these.

Two of them are prepaid or debit, credit cards cannot be used for a single payment. The sole payment has to be made through the prepaid card. If it has a sufficient balance then the payment will be successful but in case of insufficient balance, there is no other option left.

Other than this one can add the American Express, VISA, and Master Prepaid Card on the site but Amazon does not have the option of adding the three-digit CVV code, which is listed on the backside of the card. If the bank requires the CVV for payment then it creates a problem and the payment is not successful.


If you are fond of using prepaid cards as an option for payment. Then you can use it for that purpose. Amazon tries to provide a hassle-free online shopping experience even if the payment is done through a prepaid card. And if it has sufficient balance then it is one of the most convenient methods to be used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Do Amazon allows prepaid discover card to be used as an option?

Ans. No, discover cards are not supported by Amazon for payment. Now it is not available as a payment option on the Amazon site. However in the future, if add then nobody knows.

If in the future Amazon allows the discover prepaid cards to be used as payment then it will be shown on the official site. So just check the official site of Amazon and their payment option to know more.

Q.2) Do the sellers on Amazon accept the payment through prepaid cards?

Ans. The payment through prepaid MasterCard, prepaid VISA, and prepaid American Express can be used for payment and is generally accepted by the sellers.

But there are certain restrictions, and that once added these prepaid cards cannot be combined with debit or credit cards for payment.

Q.3) Do Amazon allow Vanilla prepaid card for payment?

Ans. Yes, Vanilla cards can be used in some countries such as the U.S. by some Merchants.

Does Amazon accept Prepaid Cards?

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