Overnight parking at the home depot

Overnight parking at home depot might mean parking a vehicle or an RV. The RV life or the trend of it has been booming since 2020. If you are looking for a quick place to crash for the night or as a place to park your RV for one night, home depots will be the best way to go about it. It is considered safer and feasible for the stay of a night. There are some etiquettes to be followed, not staying for too long. Not littering the place and so on will be discussed below.

Overnight parking at the home depot

Overnight parking

Overnight parking at a home depot is not considered illegal. It is allowed as long as the concept is consulted with the store manager. There is no clear-cut rule stating that parking in a home depot is illegal as there is a no RV parking policy. This can be used for a quick stay or to avoid hotel fees. One must ensure to leave before the store opens in the morning so it does not disturb the incoming customers.

Procedures to be Followed to Secure a Spot at the Parking

As mentioned before, home depots tend to have a no RV parking policy, and the decision to allow the parking of a vehicle be it a car or an RV is entirely up to the store manager. One must also note that there is no policy mentioned against overnight parking. Politely approach the store manager regarding the parking spot and ensure to get the permission. 

The home depots tend to shut down by 10 pm. This is also the time around which the last of the customers and the employees tend to leave and ensure you do not occupy a spot before this time. One must make sure to leave or clear out the space by 5 am or 6 am since this is the time you are expected to move. There are no rules against sleeping in your vehicle in a parking lot of home depot and is considered to be legal.

Ground Rules to be Followed while Parked

The most important rule is the timings and the cleanliness of the space occupied. As mentioned before make sure to stick to the timings from 10 pm to 5 am or 6 am. The home depots have been stringent on sticking to these timings since there is a rise of people staying in RVs since 2020. There is a following for this lifestyle since people have found it to be easier and efficient in a lot many ways.

There is no pay involved when parking in a Home Depot. The need does not also arise to pay the manager for the parking. One must always inform the manager before parking at the Home Depot as this is done to avoid getting the vehicle towed away. There is a procedure where if you tend to overstay your vehicle will get towed away or the same scenario is possible if one does not inform the store manager. It is also important to inform the store managers in case if the parking enforcement decides to take around. If you have not been informed the chances of you getting kicked out of the spot are very high.  

Make sure that you do not stay for longer than a night and that you will be keeping the grounds clean. A tidy parking lot is always appreciated and this might help you to crash here again in the future. Approach the manager and the employees helping out in a polite and respectful manner. Try not to sit outside the RV in a chair since this is not a camping ground but a parking lot and not considered a long time-space.

Ensure the parking lot is not situated on private property since this might be a problem for the parking enforcement. Try to make sure your stay is a peaceful and respectful one.

Safety when Staying in the Parking Lot

It is considered safe when staying in the parking lot when staying for a night. There are CCTVs present in the parking lot and they tend to cover the entire lot. Due to this reason, it is considered safe to stay. In case of any unfortunate incident, you can always pull out the footage from the CCTV. It has been mentioned several times to inform the store manager so as to avoid the vehicle from getting towed away and this is also an important point to be noted.


Be it a sudden place to stay over or if you are in an RV looking for a place to rest for the night this is a safe option. It is also safer in the pockets because there are no extra fees charged for the stay. Ensure to stock up on the supplies necessary before the closing of the store. In the past few years, the spaces of parking lots have been bought off by individuals. Stay vigilant as to not to park on these properties. 


Do we have to pay to park in a home depot?

No. There is no need to pay anyone to park at the home depot.

Are there any apps you can use to stay up to date regarding the parking spots and policies?

Yes. Campendium is an application that can be used to find places. This is a free application.

How long can you utilize the stay at a Home Depot?

The stay for a home depot is strictly for a day and the timing is from 10 pm to 5 am or 6 am.

Overnight parking at the home depot

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