What is Starz’s free trial on Amazon?

Starz is one of the most popular satellite and cable television networks. The network features original movies series and theoretically produced movies. Millions of American households do enjoy this premium channel and are ever willing to pay extra pennies to get this network’s exclusive programs. Let’s us know ‘What is Starz’s free trial on Amazon?’.

What is Starzs free trial on Amazon?

There is a higher possibility that big fans of newly released television shows and movies have heard of the name Starz. 

For those who are planning to sign up for Starz then there are probably a few things to reconsider before joining the subscription.

It is worth knowing that Starz is Lionsgate-owned. Lionsgate is popular because of the thousands of movies it has produced. 

What is Starz’s free trial on amazon?

Amazon partnered with Starz to provide a free trial for amazon prime users. Starz has a wide variation of hit movies and originals which can be streamed by amazon prime members during the free trial. Starz movies can also be watched for 8.99 bucks a month after the free trial period.

How long does the Starz free trial last?

The Starz free trial on amazon lasts for seven days before the monthly subscription kicks in. the seven days allow one to figure out whether or not a Starz subscription will be worthwhile.

The free trials commence immediately after the sign-up is completed. Through the seven days trial, one can make the most of the channel and decide on whether to make a subscription or not. One should however sign up for the free trial when they have quality time to spare.

One of the major features that popularize the channel is that its schedule is ever-packed with more than 20 shows and 900 movies plus. This is why you need to create enough time to explore every corner of Starz’s channel during the free trial. 

Will amazon require my credit card for a Starz free trial?

Like making a subscription on amazon prime video, one requires a credit card when signing up for the Starz free trial. The credit card is kept on file until the free trial expires then the paid subscription kicks in. 

The credit card is charged at the beginning of the eighth day of the subscription. In case you are not planning to pay for the subscription then you need to cancel the subscription before the end of the free trial otherwise it will deduct the monthly charge. 

What should one expect within the free trial period?

The Starz free trial gives you access to watch hundreds of movies within the trial period. The movies include newly released movies and shows 

Amazon Prime subscribers who sign up for the Starz free trial will be provided with newly backed comedies thrillers, documentaries and so much more.

How much does Starz monthly subscription cost after the subscription?

Amazon prime video features hundred of channels including Starz which has to be paid for monthly. At the expiration of the seven-day trial, Starz’s subscription attracts 8.99 bucks a month. On the other hand, an amazon prime video subscription costs 12.99 bucks a month.

Most subscribers will opt to pay for Starz membership on top of the amazon prime charges because of its movies and exclusive television shows. 

It is more advantageous to watch Starz through the amazon prime video because there are no cable requirements and you can opt out any time you want. 

Can one cancel Starz’s free trial on an amazon subscription?

One is allowed to opt out of the free trial whenever they want to. If the channel does not offer your taste, then you can cancel the subscription before the trial ends otherwise 8.99 bucks will be charged on your credit card.

How does one cancel Starz’s free trial on amazon?

Getting caught by surprise by the subscription charges is not news at all. This is a normal occurrence once the free trial period is ended. One week can sometimes be very short and most people will forget that they have a free trial to cancel.

On the other hand, it is super easy to prevent the auto monthly subscription deduction. By turning off the automatic renewal in the prime video and other added subscriptions including premium channels like Starz, one will be able to stop the auto deduction of the subscription charges. 

Step-by-step procedure for canceling Starz’s free trial on Amazon:

  • Log onto the amazon prime account and click “digital content and device”
  • Click “apps and more” to manage the subscription. This window will display all the subscriptions including free trials.
  • Click on the action box which permits you to turn off the automatic renewal.
  • Save your changes and exit. This will prevent amazon from charging you at the end of the free trial.

Canceling the free trial also implies that one will not be able to continue enjoying the Starz blockbuster movies,


Starz is a premium channel on amazon prime costing 8.99 bucks monthly hence one can use the seven-day free trial to their advantage and opt-out before the trial ends. 

After the seven-day free trial, the subscription kicks off. Additionally, one can also subscribe to the thirty-day free trial on amazon prime video. 


Q: Does amazon prime owns Starz?

A: Starz is owned by the movie producer Lionsgate and not amazon. It is just one of the premiums channels available on amazon. 

Q: Can I cancel my Starz free trial on amazon?

A: Yes! Before the subscription kicks in.

What is Starz’s free trial on Amazon?

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