Does home depot rent trucks

The Home Depot is the world’s largest service provider in the United States offering services on every home-related service like supplying goods, appliances, tools, construction products, power tools, grills, kitchen furnishing, home décor, wall fixings, and all home-related supplies. If you want to décor your home, living area, kitchen into the unique, modern, or transform according to your elevation, The Home Depot serves the best. It supplies tools, pumps, cleaners, pressure washers, moving equipment for lifting heavy objects more effortlessly, and offers services on transportation, paint also. Everything’s flexible and modern here. However, many individuals have asked us: does home depot rent trucks?

Does home depot rent trucks

Does home depot rent trucks?

It also provides a load and go truck or pick and move trucks which are provided on a rental basis at affordable prices and feasible timings. It saves time, effort, with millions of products available for flexible home shifting or transportation services. It costs according to the time duration one rents to days or weeks. For every 75 minutes, it cost $19 and $139 per day. It doesn’t cost extra mileage for rental trucks but, requires a deposit of $150. 

It was established on 6 February 1978 and originated in Marietta, Georgia, United States. The founders of the Home Depot are Ron Brill, Bernard Marcus, Ken Langone, Arthur Blank, and Pat Farrah. A professional-grade and well-assembled service, the Home Depot team are available for 12-hour service in India and many parts of the United States. 

Why should one opt for Home Depot?

Home Depot stands as a successful service provider with a million happy customers whose jobs made it easy in traveling and shifting. With an instance of order, we can book its service for any construction purpose or any event is occurring in the coming days at our place. We can trust its excellent customer service doing the right things at the right time and right place. It all started with only two Home Depot stores in 1979 on June 22, in Georgia carrying 25,00 products and has grown to 500,000 stores with 2,300 stores in Canada, U.S., and Mexico. It is named the world’s largest home improvement retailer with presently 2.303 stores including the U.S.A. It gained a revenue of $132.1 in 2020 with approximately 500,000 associates. Home Depot developed a lot in the past three years with its quality and experience of problem-solving with flexible solutions and achieved success sharing more than $ 1 Billion. 

The Home Depot

The home depot provides a facility to order or book services at its store with one click on its app “ The Home Depot”. One can shop over 1 million products and gain information through this app about detailed information of products, location of the store, clear issues that need to address and provides a safe vehicle for our basic needs. It gained a rating of 4.7/5 and 216,936 votes.


User-friendly app.
Product search- We can shop by scanning a real image and get multiple models of that product.
Barcode scanner- Can scan a product’s barcode and check its reviews and cost.

Shopping list- Have a feature of maintaining a list of items/ products and customers can easily shop by ticking the booked ones. 

Home delivery- Have a feature of home delivery and track its status.

Chatbot- Chat assistant which can assist via text.

What are the pros and cons of Home Depot rental truck services


  • Sizes of trucks available where we can choose upon our requirement.
  • No extra cost for mileage on trucks.
  • Prices are affordable.
  • Available in many countries.


  • It costs higher for Penske trucks in some places.
  • Trucks are available for local moves and not for long distances.
  • Trucks should be returned to the same location of pickup.
  • Fixed deposit is must of $ 150.

Which size trucks are offered by Home Depot?

Per week($)Per day($)Per 75 minutes($)
Home Depot Box Truck$ 973$ 139$ 29
F-250 Flatbed$ 903$ 129$19
Cargo Van$ 903$ 129$19
foot truck
Price variesPrice variesPrice varies

Note:- It requires a fixed deposit of $ 150 for any type of vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to rent a truck from Home Depot?

Ans. Login to the website and sign in with your account. Add your location. Select a truck according to your requirement and check availability, according to availability you can book a truck and confirm the duration of your booking.

  1. From where can I download the Home Depot app?

Ans. Link on the link below which will direct to the app store 

3) What is the Home Depot customer care number?Ans. For online services support text SUPPORT to 38698 and start a conversation with the customer care team or call at 1-800-455-3869/430-3376. For retail store services dial 1-800-466-3337.

Does home depot rent trucks

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