Why Is USPS So Expensive?

Why is USPS so expensive? In the U.S., people are all used to a certain level of spending money, but if you haven’t used Postal Service for a while and then went out to buy stamps, you may even be surprised.

Yes, the US Postal Service’s prices have increased across the board, sometimes by as much as 30% for facilities that were much cheaper just a few years ago.

It’s not an illusion – things are much more expensive at USPS, but that’s not the main question. Here are nine causes why the US Postal Service is so costly nowadays.

Why Is USPS So Expensive?

Why Is the US Postal Service So Expensive?

  1. The Holidays Season

If you plan to export via USPS between October and November, you’ll have to look deeper into your bank balance.

Priority mail and priority express standard boxes, for instance, will be 75 cents higher than the usual rates. 

On the bright side, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’ll still get free Prime transportation, even if the courier service is USPS.

  1. You’re Using the Incorrect Service

If you ship frequently and send out multiple items every day, you might assume that USPS Retail Ground offers the highest deal.

Have you ever heard of Parcel Select?

You could save a bunch of money with Parcel Select every week, month, and year.

However, numerous people pay over the odds for one delivery because they are unaware of other, less expensive options.

I consider USPS services challenging at times, so it’s not unusual that others find USPS costly.

The best part you can do to overcome this is to enlighten yourself on all of the various shipping options provided by USPS.

  1. You’re Buying Postage From The Post Office

In a community where every little bit counts if you ship frequently and don’t use USPS.com, you could be spending extra – probably noticeably more – at the Post Office.

Why is this the case?

If you use the USPS’s online Click-N-Ship tool, you can reduce shipping rates. You save them finances by not utilizing the hours of a Post Office clerk in-store.

While the investments for Priority Express are now about 40 cents, five cents for Priority, and 5 to 60 cents for Flat-Rate containers and envelopes, those cents add up if you ship a lot!

  1. You Select Several Add-Ons

If you received free USPS Tracking with your shipping, you could perhaps mistakenly believe that the Limited Delivery or Signature Required services were also free.

They are not, however, free; you must pay for them.

And, while they are reasonably priced on their own when you add them all up for various parcels, the Postal Service total is likely to be enough to convince you to go postal.

It is most likely what happened at the Post Office; when you use Click-N-Ship at home, you could get a thorough sum before checking out and decide whether you need insurance on that $10 parcel.

  1. You Selected Sunday Delivery

Sunday Shipment is yet another choice that can significantly raise the price at USPS.

Unlike Saturdays, which are the usual Postal Service operating days, Sunday shipment requires an extra payment.

That extra $12.95 so your receiver doesn’t have to wait until Monday would be a hefty addition to any bill, let alone a next-day Priority Express envelope.

  1. Your Package Cannot Be Machined.

When shipping via USPS, there are some basic recommendations for size and shape.

If your box does not fulfill those specifications, it is viewed as “nonmachinable,” and you may get charged more.

While a $0.15 butterfly stamp includes the nonmachinable surtax, if you transport in bulk, it is not only an added cost, but it will irritate your Post Office employees.

It is since they must “hand-cancel” the nonmachinable parcels!

  1. You Have Been Tricked

If you go to modify your address and get charged $70, then you have been tricked.

The USPS tries to stay on top of all the fakes about their facilities, but sometimes people skip the cautions.

When they question why something like an address change is so pricey and try googling, they get to know the reason. 

If you think you are fooled by a site trying to pretend to be USPS or handling USPS facilities, you must report it to the US Postal Inspection Service.

  1. You Ship Globally

Sending something across a national border is simply more costly due to the distance involved.

A parcel will have to go through formalities and cross multiple borders to reach its destination, in addition to traveling long distances.

That’s a lot of workforce for one letter or packet, so it certainly makes sense that it’ll be more expensive to accomplish.


The Postal Service is much more pricey for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that people purely had to increase their prices.

Despite being a government-adjacent organization, USPS operates on its income, just like any other business.

Why Is USPS So Expensive?

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