Ikea curtains

Living and lifestyle have stretched their capacities. There are ample options and varieties when it comes to home decor and other elements. With different kinds, there are many brands as well. With so much to choose from, our homes get a good mix of aesthetic decor for every occasion! Let’s look at our favorite store, Ikea and see about Ikea curtains.

Ikea curtains

Ikea curtains- overview

Yes. Ikea sells curtains too. While we’ve commonly known Ikea for all our furniture, there is more in store! Not just that, there is variety too! While shopping for curtains you want to look at multiple factors. The occasion, the color of your walls, the purpose of the curtain, etc. to name a few. Ikea gives you all the options, be it to block the nasty sun or simply for elegantly adorning your windows, there’s a curtain or two! Have a look at the types of curtains and a few details below.

About Ikea

Before we come to that, here is some basic information on Ikea that may help in the future. Ikea is a Swedish-originated company that designs and sells furniture and more. This ‘and more’ is a big mix of home accessories, decor, kitchen, bedroom, and other goods. In short, almost anything you need for your home, Ikea has it! They never compromise on quality or design. To give you well-styled products that suit your home’s setting is their mission.

Ikeas curtains

Now that we’ve got an overview, read below about the types of curtains available along with additional details you may need:

Block-out curtains

From the name itself, these curtains block not just the sun but also the view. This means you can’t see what goes on outside and vice-versa. Ikea has a range of Block-out curtains with sturdy polyester and recycled polyester materials. The two main sizes available are 145cm and the longer ones of 210 cm. Ikea best recommends the HILLEBERG and BENGTA among others. The price ranges from 13$ to 65$ and these may vary depending on brands, types, size, etc. So, rest assured, peaceful sleep and 100% privacy can be all yours in style!

Room darkening curtains

For the more elegant look and dark and bold lovers, room darkening curtains work best. These allow sufficient light from out and still block out the view. Additionally, their fabric is much breathable and thin which gives a sleek and dark effect to the room. These are available in polyester, recycled polyester, velvet, and cotton. The recommended pieces are those of SANELA and HILLEBORG and others. Available in 2 different sizes viz. 140 x 250cm and 145 x 300cm. These are of a higher range i.e. between 26$ to 65$ and again varies on certain factors. Take your sleek pick from these fancy options!

Net & sheer curtains

If you’re a fan of light and design, then these curtains are for you! Net and sheer curtains are the soft ones made of polyester and recycled polyester. However, these are netted to allow sunlight and have beautiful designs and patterns. These are mostly used on doors and windows to fulfill the purpose of a curtain and also give a decorative look. Sizes offered are 145 x 250cm and 280 x 300cm. Ikea suggests LILL and KRONMAL. The prices are comparatively lower compared to others ie. 4$ to 9$. So if you’re looking for design and wanna keep the light coming, opt for the net and sheer curtains!

Panel curtains

If you don’t want regular curtains and prefer those that suit your preference, go for panel curtains. These not only have wide options but also can be folded and installed as you like. These come in different sizes. They also are available in sheer, net, bold colors, and so on. The prices tend to be in the mid-range from 15$ to 20$. However, the price can also vary depending on the abundant options and types.

Light- filtering curtains

These are probably the thinnest material curtains allowing the most amount of light. Similar to the net and sheer curtains, the only difference is that these allow even more light and mostly leave out the designs that net curtains have. Also, unlike sheer and net curtains, these may allow viewing from the outside and inside. Ikea recommends MOALISA, MATILDA, and LENDA among others. Three different sizes here viz. 140 x 150cm, 145 x 250cm and 150 x 200cm. The price ranges are between 8$ and 32$ depending on size and brands.


Ikea has ample options to choose from! No matter the occasion or your preference, there are curtains for each type. Figure out which kind you like and head to that section to observe varieties in the same!


How long does Ikea take to deliver curtains?

There is no specific period given. However, Ikea tried to ship orders within 2 days at most. The time the delivery may take depends on which store you’ve ordered from. Also, when you order as in during a busy season and so on may affect delivery time. It’s best to check the time mentioned in the order description while placing your order.

Does Ikea have curtains in sizes?

Yes. The general curtain sizes range between 140 cm and 300 cm. However, there is a different range within this number for each type of curtain. The same has been mentioned in the article above. Additionally, each piece may determine size options based on availability when you order.

Ikea curtains

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