Costco appliance return policy

Costco is well known for its competitive pricing, customer services, and return policy. Costco allows its customers to return groceries and other things if they want so. But do they allow returning appliances? What is the appliance return policy of Costco? 

You can return any appliance you bought from Costco like the TV, refrigerator, microwave, water heater, fridge, etc. Costco only accepts returns within 90 days of purchase. You can demand a return from the Costco store or the Costco app or website. Costco has one of the best return services among retailers in the USA. 

Costco appliance return policy

Does Costco take old appliances in return?

According to the Costco appliances return policy, you can return any appliance you bought from Costco within 90 days of purchasing. To get the refund of your return, you have to show a receipt and a Costco membership card at the store. 

Generally, all the appliances have the same rerun policy. But sometimes there might be some changes depending on the brand and time of purchase (purchased during sale or discount offer). Therefore it is also safer to check the details of the warranty, repair, and return of the appliance. 

Within the window of 90 days, you can return the appliance for any reason. But after that, the decision of taking your return or not is completely dependent on the company. Costco has a good customer service and eternity policy. So in case of any flaws in the appliance, you can repair it by Costco. 

How do I return purchased appliances?

Within 90 days of purchasing appliances from Costco, you can return them in two ways. It is either by reaching out to the Costco store or informing on the Costco app or website. 

  • Returning at Costco store 

If you want to take an instant refund of your purchase then go to the nearest Costco warehouse to return your appliance. Here you will need to show receipt of your purchase and your membership card. They will take your return immediately after making a check. You can also return those appliances in the warehouse that you had bought online from Costco. 

After returning the appliance, Costco will give you a refund of your appliance. To get the return you should possess the same credit Kris debit card by which you made the payment. The refund will most probably be credited to your account. Costco may also give you the cash. There is also a third way of giving refunds. Costco may give you a Costco Cash Card which will amount equal to the price of the appliance. This card could be used at any Costco store for shopping. 

  • Returning appliances through the Costco website 

If you don’t want to take an appliance to the warehouse for a return then you can start the return process online. But this will take more time than the warehouse returning.

To begin the return process online, visit the Costco website. Here you have to select the return order button from the list of purchases you made. After climbing on the button, your return request will be delivered to Costco. It will take a few days to process your request. Then, a carrier will directly connect with you to take the appliance. It will come to your home, to pick up the appliance.

In this method of returning, you will get a full refund including the delivery charges and shipping charges. Notably, Costco will not take any shipping charges for taking your appliance back. When the carrier will confirm to Costco that the appliance is taken from you, they will make a refund. The refund will come to the card or account through which you made the payment earlier. 

What to do if an appliance stops working after 90 days? 

Costco appliance return policy is on for only 90 days. So, after 90 days if anything happens to the appliance, Costco is not liable to take the return. Rather it could repair the appliance under the 2 years warranty scheme. Costco offers at least 2 years of warranty for almost all the appliances it sells. 


Costco takes the return of appliances only within 90 days of selling. To return the appliance, the buyers must have a receipt of purchase with them. One can return the appliance in the Costco warehouse or online by requesting through the website. At the warehouse, you can get an instant refund, whereas online return is a little longer process. 


  1. Does Costco take appliances back without packaging?

Answer: Yes, Costco will take appliances without packaging within 90 days of purchases. But the product should be in good condition with all its accessories. You will also need a receipt to return the appliance. 

  1. Can Costco aid me in collecting the appliance for return? 

Answer: Yes, you can call Costco’s Customer Care to take the appliance to return from your home.

Costco appliance return policy

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