Walmart vision center return policy

Walmart gets a five-star rating when it comes to its return policies. One can return the product within 60 days and Walmart vision center offers one year warranty on every product. 

About Walmart Vision Center

Walmart is the third largest group providing optical services in the USA. If you have Walmart near your location there are a lot of chances to have an optical vision center. Then you can book an appointment and have your eyes checked, and can purchase glasses and lenses.

One can order their products by visiting the Walmart vision center or via their official website. Walmart also services contacts via website Contact Lenses From Walmart Contacts

Walmart vision center return policy

What is available in the Walmart vision center? 

Eyewear- Walmart provides sunglasses, Doctor prescribed glasses, computer, and reading glasses. They also offer a wide variety of frames and brands like Nike, Micheal kors, Armani exchange, and a great variety for kids. Their frames’ cost range starts from $10.

Lenses- Walmart provides all types of lenses including single vision and bifocal lenses. If you want old lenses in the new frames it can also happen in the Walmart vision center. 

Eye Exam- One can also have the exam prescribed by the doctor at Walmart vision center. Getting an eye exam is not expensive, it can range under $100. One can expect its cost for $75. One only needs to visit the nearest Walmart vision center and schedule their appointment. 

How to order the products or make appointments in the Walmart vision center? 

You can visit their official website and can buy the eyewear including sunglasses, normally vision glasses, computer and reading glasses, UV glasses, blue light blocking glasses. 

You can filter through categories from men, women, girls, and boys and like frame size, color, and brands. You can also purchase the prescribed medicines and eye drops. 

Just add them to your cart and purchase the product will be delivered in 7 to 10 days and you also can pick them from the nearest store. Walmart Vision Center also provides the prescribed glasses and vision items, first, you have to share the prescribed details via our website or can give them by visiting the store in person. 

Walmart Vision Center Return policy 

Walmart offers 60 days return or exchange policies and also one year warranty on their products. If you get a scratch or break on the glass frame it will be replaced easily by the Walmart store. 

Glasses and lenses must be returned unopened, not defective. If the product is damaged or opened, the product just only exchanges within one year.

If you want a full refund, you have to return the product in 30 days. 

For refund or exchange, you must carry the original receipt of the payment. The full refund takes ten days. 

If you get defective, broken glasses, frames, Walmart vision center will return the product and offer a full refund within ten days. Refunds will be initiated via the same payment method you have done with cash or online payment. 

Walmart even pays return shipping charges on some specific products. Walmart will return or refund your product first, you have to show your valid photo ID for verification and make sure the product you have to return is damage-free. 

You can return the product online and in-store at the local Walmart vision center. You can also ask the employer about the return process and policies. 

How do I return the products via email? 

If you want to return the product to the Walmart vision center you can also return it via mail. The procedure is here; 

  1. Log in to the official website of Walmart vision center.
  1. Click on the return and select the product you want to return. 
  1. Choose either replace or return. 
  1. Click on the return by mail and submit. 
  1. Now, drop your product at the nearby FedEx office with a printed label receipt which is sent to your registered mail. 

Walmart will refund the original cost after inspection of your product. 


Sometimes it is so confusing to use the website and it may take some time to search for the specific product. One can return the products via email or by visiting the store in person. Walmart will guarantee a full refund or exchange of the product. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. How costly is Walmart vision center? 

Ans- Mainly glasses start from $10 to $40. Tinted lenses may cost $40 and polarized lenses for $50. An eye exam cost can range from $65 to $100. 

  1. Does Walmart vision center accept insurance? 

Ans- Yes, they accept all types of insurance, and insurance providers include eye med, VSP, and spectra. 

  1. Does one need to take appointments for the Walmart vision center? 

Ans- Yes, one has to make an appointment by visiting the nearby Walmart vision center. They don’t provide online appointments. 

  1. Does Walmart offer a warranty on its products? 

Ans- Yes, Walmart vision center provides one year warranty on their products. Make sure to carry the purchase received with you, when to claim the warranty on the products. 

Walmart vision center return policy

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