Home Depot bereavement policy

Home Depot, a capitalist venture is a tide lifting all the boats in the ocean. The home improvement retail company makes room for all the members in the tent. Being bereaved of a loved one is amn intense emotional rollercoaster which is a combination of misery, fear, and turmoil. Every individual has different coping mechanisms and having the space to grieve is important. Home Depot aims towards the best interests of its employees and props them up in difficult times. In this article, we will discuss on Home Depot bereavement policy.

Home Depot bereavement policy

The loss of someone places a person in a sensitive position. It is important to take time off work to endure the distress. Home Depot values its employees and hence for their benefit, has brought in policies for this difficult period. Knowing about this is just as important for people who want to apply for a position in Home Depot as it is for current employees. Home Depot offers three paid leaves following the death of an immediate relative. This policy covers employees who have served the company for 90-days or more. Both full-time and part-time employees are covered by this policy. Full-time employees are those that work 24 hours or more per week, whereas part-time employees work 12 hours a week. But foregoing interns have voiced that they were not entitled to this leave. Supplementary time off can be asked for traveling, funeral responsibilities, and religious ceremonies by using other holidays. The company does not necessarily have to pay for the additional time off. For this, the person is required to inform the authorities beforehand and assign another individual to take over their shift. Anonymous employees on Glassdoor have rated Home Depot’s bereavement policy three stars on five. 

Immediate relatives covered by the policy

  • Domestic partner
  • Parents
  • Stepparents and legal guardians
  • Biological and step-siblings
  • Children – Biological, adopted, fostered, and stepchild

One would have to check with the authorities for leave in case of the death of a cousin, grandparent, god-relation, or close friend.

Direct Grant Assistance Related To Death- The Homer Fund (THD)

THD provides financial assistance to associates who cannot incur the funeral expenses and can document their relationship with the departed who might be a parent or a child aged 26 or younger. The individual can produce a birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, or obituary for the same. It also requires detailed documentation of the unpaid expenses for the funeral and the cost of traveling to attend the funeral services. However, associates who are on leave can only apply for the Direct Grant application prep pack over the phone. These applications can only be submitted through an ASDS, HR partner, or any manager who is called an authorized sponsor. The sponsor will assist the associate and make sure they meet the conditions set forth by the Grant. Direct Grants are processed within 5-7 days from the date of receipt of a complete application. The application can be declined immediately if the application is inappropriate. An associate can potentially receive multiple Direct Grants within 12 months, but for different situations. THF will not consider reimbursements for any bills that are already paid. This is because they mainly target helping those associates who cannot bear the bills themselves. Falsification of information, falsification of an authorized sponsor, misusing the funds, and trying to deceive the management staff by withholding are all considered as Homer Fund fraud and the person will be subjected to disciplinary action.THF representatives can be contacted on 770 384-2611. 


The passing of a loved one is a devastating event. It is a very emotionally challenging time and it is the company’s duty that financial crunches should be the least of a grieving person’s worries. Home Depot is supportive of its workforce. The company views it as its social responsibility to provide the employees with a secure period to get past their suffering. This will then enable them to return to work with a better headspace and remain committed to their work. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.Is bereavement leave a legal requirement?

     Ans: No, there are no federal laws according to the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which mandate bereavement leave. The FLSA allows companies to set their own rules in this regard.

2.Which American state recognizes bereavement leave legally?

     Ans: Oregon recognizes the need for paid legal bereavement leave. However, every state has its own laws permitting bereavement leave. More information about this can be accessed on Oregon Family Leave Act.

3.Can employees be denied bereavement leave?

       Ans: Usually employers don’t refuse to grant bereavement days. But if the situation does arise then the individual can opt for taking time off their other unpaid leaves.

4.What is Glassdoor?

        Ans: Glassdoor is a website for Americans where former and current employees submit their reviews of the company anonymously.

Home Depot bereavement policy

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