Walmart Reseller Program

Walmart has a Marketplace that allows sellers to sell their products. After becoming a Walmart seller, you can showcase your products to a large audience. Like Amazon and eBay, Walmart is one of the largest E-Commerce Stores. In this article, we will discuss the Walmart reseller program.

There is no reseller program offered by Walmart. It has sellers, and it allows them to list their products and sell on the Walmart Marketplace. It gives several features to its sellers like the menu or catalog can be integrated, order management and shipment is easy. 

Other than this, they look after the queries and concerns and handle customer care on their own. 

Walmart Reseller Program

What are the steps to sell the products through Walmart?

There are some steps by which one can open a seller account and list some products on the site. 

Step 1 First of all, apply to become a seller on the official site of Walmart or visit (

Step 2 Click on the tab written request to sell and fill out the details. Do not forget to save the information before moving to the next page. Otherwise, all the information will be lost and you might have to fill it once again.

Step 3 Do not fill in any incorrect information on your application. After filling it check all the details and click on apply now. They sent an email if they approved you as a seller.

Step 4 After all this, you will get an email with the subject line ‘Your account has been created on Walmart Marketplace.’In that email, there will be a link to a portal where you have to complete the further steps.

Reasons for the Walmart Seller account to be Suspended

  • If the required standards are not met like the returns are high or the quality of the product is not good then the account gets suspended.
  • If the agreement is breached or banned items are sold then also the seller account is suspended.
  • Misguided or misled the customer about products or not talking to them politely. All these reasons are sufficient for the account to get suspended. etc.

What is Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart gives a platform to all the sellers who want to showcase their products in front of a large audience. The seller can list their products on the site and they will be visible on the Marketplace of Walmart from where people can purchase the products. the products listed through a seller account are visible on the search engine as Walmart products. so the chances for people buying those products increases. 

Is it hard to become a Walmart Seller?

It is just like Amazon’s same competitive level. One is supposed to meet basic criteria and follow the guidelines. Some things which Walmart considered while choosing their sellers are:

  • Online presence with some sales and experience of running an ecommerce business.
  • The product should be of high quality and must be appealing to the customers.
  • The marketplace offerings should be improved after adding the product.
  • A good history of customer support and service.

So for someone quite new in this field and with a negligible online presence, Walmart may not be a good option to consider.


Walmart allows a person to become a seller on their platform and sell their products by listing them on the marketplace. After every criterion is fulfilled then a seller can list the products and sell them. Walmart does not take any registration charges or monthly maintenance. 

However, it takes a referral commission after the final sale which is around 15 percent of the price of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much time does Walmart take to approve its sellers?

Ans. It may take several months to approve the application as it is strict in choosing the sellers. All the information filled in the application must be correct. Only professionals and serious people get quick approval from the site.

Otherwise, it is a time taking process.

2) What to do when approved?

Ans. There is a lot of work to do before selling the products on the site. When you are approved, you have to sign the relevant documents and board the product stocks. It takes up to four weeks before your products are live on the site.

3) What does Walmart charge from its sellers?

Ans. There is a piece of happy news for you, Walmart does not charge any starting fees or monthly commission from its sellers. Instead, it earns through the referral on each item sold. So there is a win-win situation and no loss for the seller. The referral fee is fifteen percent of the price of the product. This percentage may vary, depending on the type of item. But on average, it is around 15 percent.

4) Does Walmart allow used items or handmade items for sale on its site?

Ans. No, it does not allow you to sell used items or second-hand items on its site. Similarly, handmade items are also not allowed.

Walmart Reseller Program

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