How do Starbucks rewards work?

Are you a coffee lover? How does the idea of free coffee sound to you? Exciting, right? “But how can I get that free cup of coffee?” See How do Starbucks rewards work?

Starbucks, the Seattle-based coffee giant is a popular hub for coffee lovers. It enjoys a cult following and offers a variety of products. It has stores in over 80 countries.

How do Starbucks rewards work?

To reward its loyal customers and keep them engaged, it runs a reward program called the ‘Starbucks Rewards program’. It allows you to earn stars on every purchase and earn exciting benefits.

But how can one enroll in the rewards program? Which payment method is to be used to earn the stars? How to redeem them? What exactly are the benefits available?


Read ahead to have all your questions answered:

How can I enroll in the rewards program?

For joining the program, you will have to create an account. You can do so on their website or through their mobile app. For creating the account, you will be required to fill up your name, email and set a password.

Which payment methods can I use to earn the stars?

Initially, the rewards program was limited to only the payments made using the Starbucks card. But now, you can pay using any method- through cash, debit card, credit card, mobile wallets, a pre-loaded Starbucks card, or directly through the app.

However, the number of stars earned is different for different payment methods.

How many stars I can earn on every purchase?

You can earn stars with every purchase.

You will earn 1 star for every $1 purchase if you pay through cash, debit card, credit card, mobile wallet, or through adding a payment method to the app.

You will earn 2 stars if you pay using a preloaded Starbucks card.

You will earn 3 stars if you pay using the Starbucks rewards visa card.

What is the method I have to follow to earn the stars?

You can earn a star for every dollar spent by scanning your member barcode in the app and then paying through cash, card, or mobile wallets. However, if you are paying directly through the app, scanning won’t be required.

In the case of the Starbucks card, the stars will be reflected in your account automatically as you pay through your registered Starbucks card (digital or physical). However, if your card is not registered, you will first need to scan your member barcode in the app.

You cannot, however, earn stars on the purchase of alcohol or cards.

How can I redeem the stars?

You need at least 25 stars to redeem the benefits of the rewards programs. Some stores require at least 150 stars.

You can redeem the stars in the Starbucks app or ask the barista at the store.

What rewards do I get?

You can enjoy beverages, bakery items, breakfast, and even merchandise for FREE.

Here are the rewards you can get by redeeming the following number of stars:

25 stars- 25 stars will allow you to customize your drink with an extra espresso shot, dairy substitute, or syrup.

50 stars- With 50 stars, you can have a brewed hot coffee, hot tea or a bakery item like an almond croissant or coffee cake.

150 stars- You can get a handcrafted drink, a parfait, or a hot breakfast like a sandwich or oatmeal.

200 stars- You can get a salad, protein box, or sandwich.

400 stars- You can get Starbucks merchandise like a signature cup or a bag of coffee.

Other than the free items, do I also get exclusive benefits on joining the rewards program?

Yes, you do. Following are the list of benefits available exclusively to the members of the rewards program:

You will get free refills of hot tea and coffee.

You will get a free drink on your birthday.

It allows you to order more easily on the app- with just a few taps and you can also fully customize your order on the app.

Are there other ways to earn the stars?

Yes, there are.

There are double Star days, where you earn twice the number of stars as you would normally do. There are also member-only games, which allow you to win exclusive prizes, and Bonus Star challenges which allow you to earn stars.

Do all stores offer a reward facility?


You can use the store locator feature on the Starbucks website and app to find out the stores which offer the benefits.

Do the stars expire?

Yes, they do. The stars collected in your account will expire after 6 months.

Can I choose which item I get for free with my rewards?

You can choose which reward tier you would like to redeem- 25/50/150/200/400 stars and your rewards will be applied to the most expensive item in the basket within that tier.

Is there a limit to how many rewards can I have?

No, there is no limit. You can accumulate as many rewards as you want in your account.


The rewards program is a smart measure by Starbucks to make its customers feel special and build loyalty. It also helps it to track the spending patterns of its customers and market those using emails.

There are around 20 million members of this program. The rewards program does cost the company but compared to the steady revenues such customers bring to it, the cost is minuscule.

How do Starbucks rewards work?

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