Is Amazon a Wholesaler or Retailer?

Hello friends, today I will answer your query, is Amazon a wholesaler or retailer? In this article, I will try to give a structured answer to this and will try to cover all the necessary points related to this topic.

Before going forward, I would like to start with basic terminologies and definitions which will be better to understand the topic. 

Is Amazon a Wholesaler or Retailer?

Wholesale is a type of business model in which wholesaler buys products directly from the suppliers or manufacturers in large amounts and then after adding high margin, sell them for high profit to retailers and end customers. Whereas, a retailer is a person who buys a product from wholesalers and sells it to the customers at a comparatively higher price.

Is Amazon a Wholesaler or Retailer?

Amazon is an online e-commerce company. It was founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994 as an online marketplace for books. With time, it expanded its business and included other items also like computer accessories, apparel, daily usage items, etc. Today, it is the largest e-commerce platform. Its brand value is $684 billion. It is working in many countries. Amazon sells its products via its web application and mobile apps to its customers according to their needs. Customers can be either retailers or wholesalers. Amazon’s purpose is to earn profit.

So, Amazon is an online retailer, it’s not a wholesaler. It works on various market strategies and uses them to manipulate the market with a lot of discounts and tactics. 

Can we sell our products on Amazon as a Wholesaler?

Yes, you can sell your products on Amazon as a wholesaler. Here, I am giving the steps to get eligible for selling wholesale on Amazon :

  1. Setting up a seller account 
  2. Finding a high demand product to sell
  3. Sourcing the product 
  4. Make a list of competitors
  5. Do marketing of your product
  6. Manage and grow your products 

For all methods of selling on Amazon, sellers will need to follow certain business setup practices.

Wholesalers need business licenses as per their country’s rules.

How do you make money on Amazon by selling wholesale products?

  1. Find a good product to sell wholesale
  2. Calculate how much money you can make
    1. Understand the product completely
    2. Determine your profitability 
    3. Estimate your monthly sales
    4. Understand your audience’s choice
  3. Research products with high potential on Amazon
  4. Find the right suppliers
  5. Contact and negotiate with suppliers

Retailer’s functions

A retailer is someone who purchases and assembles goods. A retailer’s job is to find the most cost-effective way to get goods from suppliers and pass those savings on to the customer.

Retailers are an essential channel for the marketplace release of the latest merchandise due to the fact they’re the direct interface with the clients and may talk immediately with the goal clients approximately the brand-new product functions and benefits.

The retailers are in charge of warehousing and storage. They stockpile items in huge portions and lead them to be had to clients as needed. Warehousing and stocking resource in making sure that items are to be had to clients in any respect times.

A retailer’s primary goal is to maximize customer happiness by providing high-quality items and services on both a cash and credit basis. As a result, the shop is constantly in danger of amassing bad debts as a result of the consumer’s failure to pay the bill.

A retailer is responsible for evaluating all items that are sometimes left ungraded by wholesalers or producers, allowing buyers to accept them without hesitation. The store is responsible for putting items in compact packages or small containers for the client’s convenience.

Product marketing and advertisement are the responsibility of merchants, who arrange product displays and visual merchandising to entice customers.


Amazon is frequently a retail employer with a developing wholesale division, however, it nonetheless recommends promoting to clients and the overall public.

Third-celebration dealers may also goal wholesale buyers with bulk buys on the entirety from hair merchandise to fabric, workplace components to retail gadgets, and plenty more, in view that there are more than one wholesale offers indexed on Amazon Marketplace.

Also, Amazon Business, that’s become independent of private Amazon bills and permits you to reserve big portions of workplace gadgets at a discount, has accelerated the retailer’s wholesale options, similar to different essential wholesalers across the world.


Q1. Can you tell me more about wholesale and retail prices?

Ans. The following are the wholesale and retail price differences:

  1. Wholesale price is negotiated price between wholesaler and manufacturer. While retail rate is the very last rate or the most rate of the product.
  2. Wholesale price is smaller than retail price.
  3. A good relationship between wholesalers and manufacturers helps to increase profit margin. While the retailer has to develop relations with wholesalers.

Q2. Give an example of wholesale and retail shopping.

Ans.  Let us assume that a manufacturer can make premium quality Headphones at $3 each. For them, the operational cost to make 2000 pieces, makes the price $3.10 each. But let us say if someone(retailer) wants only 3 pieces. This condition will be impossible for the manufacturer to meet.

Wholesalers can come and offer  $5 per headphone and supply to retailers. And retailers can make their profit by selling it for $10. 

Is Amazon a Wholesaler or Retailer?

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