Is Kroger Gas Good?

Is Kroger Gas Good?

Kroger is the largest supermarket chain in the U.S. by revenue. Bernard Kroger found it in 1883. In 2021 Kroger or its subsidiaries own almost 2,726 stores in the U.S. Like many supermarket chains in the U.S. it also owns and operates many gas stations, and customers often buy its gas. But the general question arises in a customer’s mind whether the quality of Kroger gas is good enough or not, and they should spend their money on it or not.

The Source

Some store chains have their oil refineries, but Kroger gets its gas from different suppliers like Shell, BP, Exonn, which are considered top-tier gas suppliers in the U.S. But not all suppliers of Kroger gas need to be supplying top-tier gas.

It changes its gas suppliers regularly (every year). It may contract the same gas supplier next year or may change the gas supplier every year, but the contracts are for one year. Customers can find about the gas supplier of Kroger by contacting the store since they can’t find about it by searching online. Since it gets its gas supplies from different sources, its quality may vary from each other. Many features of its gas depend on its suppliers.


Kroger gas is not top-tier certified or licensed, while the gas supplier it contracts for its gas supply may or may not be top-tier.

Kroger’s gas quality might vary as it takes its gas from different suppliers. It selects its gas suppliers based on a selection process where it selects gas from suppliers which provide high-quality, economical, content and meet its customers’ demands.

Does Kroger provide ethanol-free gas?

When it gets its gas supply from Shell, it is ethanol-free. According to regular customers of Kroger, its gas contains 10% of ethanol. Customers can find detail about the ethanol concentration on the sticker over the gas station. Or they can try asking the customer service department of Kroger.

The Cost

Again, the price of its gas can differ from supplier to supplier. When we compare the pricing of Kroger gas with other gas stations, then Kroger’s gas is cheaper than others.

As already told, Kroger’s gas price may change depending on its supplier, but a common price range can be estimated as given in the following table.

S.No.Gas typePrice range

Kroger customers can save money by participating in its reward programs, or you can use Kroger points to save or get a discount on its gas purchases. Its customers earn some store points on every dollar that they spend, and then they can redeem these points at Kroger gas stations.

Where can you find?

Many Kroger stores have gas stations in them. Along with its stores, other Kroger-owned stores, grocery and other stores (including Harris Teeter, King Soopers, Ralphs, Dillons, Fred Meyer, and Fry’s Food Store) also have Kroger gas stations attached to it. So customers can visit these locations to buy its gas.

Also, Kroger store locater can help new customers easily locate Kroger stores near them.

What is a suitable time for visiting its stations?

Generally, it depends on store locations and their local management when it opens and closes. So you’ll find some Kroger gas stations closing at 9:00 PM while some might open till 1 or 2 at midnight. So you better inquire about it at your nearest Kroger store location.

Other famous gas stations in the U.S.

Exonn Mobil

According to Zippia, the company currently produces almost 3.9 billion barrels of oil daily and its practices had made it the fifth-largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Chevron corporations

Chevron has company revenues of $146.5 billion, and it operates its gas stations in 180 countries including the U.S. Recently Chevron Corporation has also been involved in the production of geothermal energy, but it had not confirmed anything.

Costco gas stations

Costco opened its gas stations in 1995. Just like Kroger, Costco also gets its gas from refineries. But anyone can buy gas/fuel from Kroger gas stations while only Costco members and Costco store cardholders can buy Costco fuel.

Walmart gas stations

Walmart had gas stations in its parking lots, but it was run by Murphy USA, and in 2016 it decided to take charge of its gas stations. Walmart gas is also not top-tier certified, but it meets standard high-quality norms. Walmart also gets its gas from different suppliers.


Kroger gas is high-quality, but it is not top-tier certified as it gets its gas from various fuel suppliers in the U.S. The current gas supplier in most of its stations is Shell. Shell is a top-tier certified brand, but not every of its station needs to sell gas supplied by shell because the gas suppliers at Kroger gas stations may change periodically. Customers can find its stations near its stores or other associated stores in the U.S.


Q.1: Is the gas the best quality?

Yes, the gas is high-quality gas.

Q.2: To whom should I inquire about the supplier of Kroger gas?

It contracts different gas suppliers, so customers can inquire about it with the customer service department at the gas station.

Q.3: do Kroger gas stations fill up with gas 24/7?

It depends on store to store, you should inquire the local Kroger customer service about it.

Is Kroger Gas Good?

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