Does Dollar Tree Accept Coupons?

Dollar Tree is one of the major discount retail stores in the USA. You can buy products from here at a discounted price as compared to other departmental stores. After giving such discounts does Dollar Tree also accept coupons?  

Does Dollar Tree Accept Coupons?

Yes, Dollar General accepts discount coupons. They only accept manufacturer and internet coupons. Unlike other retail stores like Walmart and Target, Dollar Tree does not accept competitors’ coupons. These coupons offer a few percentage discounts or a few dollar discounts on your purchases. Sometimes Dollar Tree also offers store coupons, which could be used for the next purchase. 

Manufacturer Coupons at Dollar Tree 

Manufacturer coupons are released by the manufacturing companies of various products. You can avail of the products at discount via these coupons. To use manufacturer coupons at Dollar Tree, you must follow these conditions-

  • Dollar Tree only accepts original copies of coupons. Photocopies are not considered valid in-store. 
  • Coupons could not be redeemed for cash. You can only buy products at less prices via coupons. 
  • Purchased items should match all the specifications mentioned in the coupon like the – size, brand, quantity, etc. If it does not match, the cashier will not reduce your billing amount. 
  • The value of the coupon will be reduced from the purchase price of the product you bought. 
  • Purchase the item according to the discount offered. If the discount is more than the price of the product, Dollar Tree will not give cashback. 

Dollar Tree’s products are a little different from other retailers. The discount Dollar Tree provides is also more than any other retail store. The prices and sizes of the products could be smaller than the normal ones. Therefore before buying anything against coupons, check every detail properly. The specifications given in the coupon and the product should exactly match. 

Internet and Store Coupons at Dollar Tree

Internet coupons or printed coupons are also accepted by Dollar Tree. Original prints of these coupons should be used because Dollar Tree does not accept photocopies. It could only be used against purchases. Only two internet coupons could be used in a day at Dollar Tree. 

Other than manufacturer and internet coupons, store coupons could also be used at Dollar Tree. Store coupons are not given very often to the customers. Information about these coupons is given at the bottom of your receipt. This coupon could be redeemed next time you purchase anything from Dollar Tree. 

The store coupons are mostly $3 off on the purchase of $15, and $5 off on the purchase of $25.

Correct Ways to Use Coupons at Dollar Tree

Coupons are a great way to save money. But to earn maximum with it, you need to carefully go with certain things related to coupons and coupon policy. These things are-

Read coupon properly 

You can avail of the discount via coupon only when your purchase matches the details mentioned in the coupon. Therefore it is important to read the coupon properly and pick the correct product. 

Go through Dollar Tree’s coupon policy 

Before planning your purchases using coupons it is advisable to go through Dollar Tree’s coupon policy. There are certain conditions of using manufacturer and internet coupons at Dollar Tree. These conditions should be considered before shopping. 

Inventory of store 

Dollar Tree’s stores are different from other retail stores. The sizes and prices of products are smaller in the stores than normal. It may be possible that all the products are not available in all Dollar Tree stores. Therefore it may be possible that you would not be able to use all coupons in one place to catch a big discount. 

Use coupon at the right time 

Dollar Tree does not accept expired coupons. Therefore, one should carefully look after the expiry date of coupons so that you do not miss any chance of saving money. 


Dollar Tree provides you with your most-used products at the most affordable prices. It is a major discount retail store. Using manufacturer coupons at Dollar Tree is a real joy for your pocket. As the store does not accept competitors’ coupons, manufacturer and internet coupons are the only choice you have. You can use one coupon only for one product. Additionally, extra care is required to use these coupons because discounts could be availed off only when coupon specifications match the product.


  1. Do free item coupons are accepted at Dollar Tree? 

Answer: Free item coupons are accepted only on purchases at Dollar Tree. For example the offer of – Buy One Get One Free (BOGO)

  1. How many coupons could be used at Dollar Tree in a day? 

Answer: A customer at Dollar Tree can use a maximum of four manufacturer coupons in a day and two internet coupons a day. Only one coupon could be used for one item. 

  1. Can I use a manufacturer coupon for online shopping at Dollar Tree? 

Answer: No, manufacturer coupons can’t be used for online shopping at Dollar Tree. It could be used only at stores. 

Does Dollar Tree Accept Coupons?

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