Are Overstock Perfumes Real?

In this article, we will see Are Overstock Perfumes Real?

Overstock is a perfume retailer that operates online. The enterprise Overview, at one point, was owned by Oprah. Now, the company Overview is the monopolistic business of Steven Donaldson. Overstock is a dependable and well-reviewed website from which customers buy a range of products. They, however, did not enable any merchants to sell items on Amazon or eBay.

Are Overstock Perfumes Real?

They’ve engaged on a variety of perfume lines, including royal mirage, Davidoff, colour me, white musk perfume oil and others. As a result, a customer can choose the legitimacy of their own perfume choices.

There are varieties of reviews all over the internet about the authenticity of the perfumes offered by the company. Some of the reviews are positive and some not so much.

Reviews About The Overstock Perfumes

The Overstock website confirms the legitimacy of the brand. Several reviews support that view. Overstock has even gained high ratings for its fragrances and perfumes from the positive reviews.

Positive Reviews

It’s the ideal platform for getting not just perfumes but also other household items. These are the websites where I’ve ordered perfume.

It’s inexpensive, but it’s still good. These websites provided me with genuine scents. (U.S. customer)

I enjoy shopping at Overstock Perfumes since the service and price are both excellent. (U.S. customer)

This is the most impressive website I’ve ever seen. When I went shopping for the first time, the price was too low, and we became big fans of it.

Yes, it’s true. I bought a perfume from there, and it was 100% genuine and brand new. Members of this site have given me a lot of positive feedback on overstock. I also purchase other items from them and have been pleased with my purchases.

Negative Reviews

I placed an order for two bottles of Issey Miyake perfume. I alerted them as soon as I opened the box and sprayed it, and now they’re giving me the run-around. It smells like raid insect spray, so be careful. I paid $55 for each bottle, thinking I was getting a fantastic deal when it retails for $106.00 at Macy’s. Be wary of their Issey Miyake, which is a rip-off. I’ve been wearing it since it was first released more than 25 years ago.

Yes, their costs are low, but who knows where their products come from; if they aren’t factory sealed, they aren’t real. Customer service is clueless, and the manager is unpleasant. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS.

My personal experience with them has been mixed. I was given a perfume that had been used (no plastic wrapper and it had been sprayed). They have a no-return policy for perfumes, but after explaining the circumstances, they allowed me to return it for free and without any trouble.

About The Website

The reviews are unclear. But there are certain pros and cons to shopping at Overstock.


It has a 30-days money-back guarantee system for returns

There are new deals daily

Overstock provides worldwide shipping

It uses reward programs


It takes a long time to get delivered. This is one of the main complaints of the customers.

Products are not eligible for a return all the time.

Steps To Follow To Ensure Safety Against Fake Perfumes

In case you want to follow certain procedures to protect yourself from fake products, you could go through the following criteria-

If you are worried, you could smell the perfume in your local store before paying for it and buying it online.

If you are unsure about the originality of the perfume, you could scan the QR code on the product and examine its authenticity.

All perfumes have their packaging, barcodes, etc. and tracing them can sometimes help in identifying a fake product.

Once you’ve got the product in your hands, inspect the packaging and fragrances. If the perfume’s expiration date has passed, the box will be carefully wrapped in cellophane. You can check for product correctness by asking if the goods are improperly wrapped or moving around the box.

If you already have the fragrance you ordered, you could compare them to know the legitimacy of the perfume.

After you’ve finished inspecting the box and wrappings, use a tester to try out the scents/perfume on your skin. A perfume that has been adulterated may be less stable on your skin.

If it’s a genuine perfume, you’ll notice the bottom notes diminishing down throughout the day. However, the imitation perfume emits the top notes for at least a few hours.


Even though Overview has gained several negative reviews through several websites and their website as well, there are as many, even more, positive reviews to support Overview’s standing as a legitimate website that sells real perfumes.

Overview has been a viral site for many years and understandable reasons. If they were selling fake products, they wouldn’t be running a successful website. Therefore, it is best to rely on their customer reviews, as they’re apparent and straightforward in their opinion.

As promised, Overview sells 100 per cent authentic products. If you still have some doubt about their services, then we should suggest you seek help from any of your experience relatives or friends.

Are Overstock Perfumes Real?

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