Starbucks 400 Stars Merchandise

Starbucks 400 Stars Merchandise

Refresh that mood with a hot drink that makes your day filled with energy. Reward yourself with drinks that give you loyalty stars that gift you back with more drinks, food, and merchandise. Starbucks is one stop for all your drinks and snacks, which gives your brain the boost that it requires to start the day. With a loyalty card, you can earn stars rewards with which you can enjoy more drinks and merchandise. See about Starbucks 400 Stars Merchandise.

Details about 400 stars rewards and merchandise

Q-What are 400 stars?

400 stars are the maximum highest reward points that a customer can accumulate in their Starbucks account. At 400 stars customers can opt for a reward or merchandise worth up to $20. Which they can redeem for an item or a beverage of that value at the Starbucks store.  

Q-What rewards and merchandise are available at 400 stars at Starbucks.

Customers can receive the merchandise or a drink worth up to $20 in value at any Starbucks store. Rewards include a packed coffee beverage, a bagged coffee bean, or merchandise of value $20, which may include cups and tumblers. 

Q-Can customers earn more than 400 stars?

Stars are not limited to 400 stars limit a customer can accumulate more stars in the Starbucks account. Most customers redeemed them at 400 stars as it is the maximum rewards point.

How to join and earn reward points?


By simply downloading the app or getting a Starbucks card, customers can join a loyalty rewards program.

For app: Go to the play store and search for the Starbucks app on your mobile phone. Register yourself and create a user id on it and now order and start earning stars.

For loyalty card: Just go to your nearest Starbucks store and ask the employee to create you a Starbucks loyalty reward card and add you to the star reward system. After registering and getting the card you can start earning stars for the reward for every purchase made at a Starbucks store.  


For every $1 spent, Starbucks awards you with 1 star.

Double star if payment via Starbucks app wallet. Employees get triple stars by buying through an app wallet.

Members of Starbucks partners will gain double stars for every purchase made at the Starbucks store.

Adding of stars is done by entering the star code given after every purchase on the order receipt or a sealed packet on receiving the order.

For adding the stars in your app, enter the star code given at every order code in the app by clicking on NFL stars and entering the star code.

For adding stars to the card, just give it to the employee at the time of purchase or add it through the official website by entering your star code given in the special packet and the card number.

Redeeming and Rewards

Redeeming is only done in the Starbucks store or on the Starbucks app.

25 stars-Can be redeemed to get extra added side modifiers for your beverage, like syrup, soy milk, almond milk, and coconut milk.

50 stars-Can be redeemed for hot steeped tea or hot brewed coffee. Bakery items (cake pop or cookie or biscuit).

150 Stars- Can be redeemed for a handcrafted beverage such as a latte or blended beverage or any other hot breakfast item such as a sandwich or oatmeal or protein pack. All drinks must be standard-menu-sized items.

200 stars-Can be redeemed for one packed salad or lunch sandwich or a protein box.

400 stars-Can be redeemed for one whole bean coffee or a selected merchandise item for a value of $20.The item may vary according to the store term and conditions.

All stars are subjected to expiration, a maximum of 6 months is given to every star to expire from the time of adding to the customer account for reward.

Additional rewards

Birthday rewards: On their birthday customer receives a free complimentary handcrafted hot beverage or one food item or ready-to-drink bottled beverage. The reward can only be redeemed at the Starbucks store.

Free refills (only beverages): Only loyalty and partnership members are eligible for free refills of coffee and ice tea. Done through the app or rewards card after scanning the bar code.


Earn rewards and gifts as you enjoy your favorite drink at Starbucks. Refresh your mood and relax with a hot or ice coffee which makes your mind reinvigorate the energy that it needs. With a rewards program, you can earn stars that you can use to refill or receive a gift or merchandise worth $20(only availed at 400 stars).

Starbucks is your place for that one cup of drink that you want to rejuvenate yourself with and your mood. Every purchase at Starbucks is a reward that you are giving yourself. 

Starbucks 400 Stars Merchandise

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