Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

Walmart is not the only retail market to exercise the new self-checkout tactic. It helps in reducing the time of waiting to check out after your purchase. This is definitely great news for the customers as well as Walmart associates. Although self-checkout systems have innovated the shopping experiences, these have opened doors to theft and other crimes. One such occasion that requires caution is during the self-checkout process. Read to learn more about Walmart Self-Checkout Theft and the details on thefts related to them.

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

How does self-checkout at Walmart work?

Unlike the usual counters stuffed into huge rows that appear like gates, the self-checkout system seems more open and customers don’t have to wait in queues to pay and leave Walmart.

Also, there is hardly any queue since the number of self-checkout machines is more than cash counters that take a lot of space and a lot of associates.

The self-checkout might appear complex but several Walmart associates are ready to assist you while you use the facility. Moreover, they don’t require any heavy training, since the facility is absolutely easy to understand and use.

So here is how the self-checkout works;

You first go into a vacant counter, which should have a green light that blinks to alert the customer to use them.

Then place your items on the space at the left counter. On the display, you will be asked to select a language. Click on the language of your choice and listen to the instructions that follow.

Show the barcode in front of the scanner that is located on top of the machine. For those items that do not have a barcode, look for a tiny number tag instead. If you don’t find that either, click on the help button to seek assistance or speak to the Walmart associate near you.

Make sure to scan the barcode and go to the next item once you hear a beep.

Move the scanned items into a bag or you could select the ‘Do not bag’ button.

Certain items require further verification before they can be bagged. The machine automatically requests help from an associate.

Bag your items carefully and conclude with the ‘Finish & pay’ button on the machine.
Click on the ‘Proceed to checkout’ light and get ready to make the payment. Select the method of payment and then collect your receipt.

You may get accustomed to this method after a while. In case, you are not sure about this, the Walmart associate will be more than welcome to walk you through the whole process.

What happens when you steal from Walmart self-checkout?

Walmart detains the offender immediately in the event of a theft and charges will be taken against them as soon as the cops arrive. Here are the other consequences;

The consequence of stealing.

If the associated catch you stealing during the self-checkout system, here are the various consequences;

The authority will call the cops on you. A loss prevention officer will detain you until the cops arrive.

Based on the level of your crime, you will either be provided with a simple citation or taken into custody. If your crime is under the Class C category, which is filed if the cost of the stolen items is within $100 and you don’t have a history of committing theft, you will not be sent to jail.

If you have a history of a theft conviction, then you will be charged even if the stolen items cost within $100.

Stealing items that cost over $1000 will result in a Class B or A category charge. It is going to increase the chance of receiving jail time.

Can you steal from Walmart self-checkout?

Walmart has an intelligent system to monitor its customers throughout the self-checkout process. So it is not possible to steal from that area.

Even if you attempt any misconduct, they will catch you soon enough.

How does Walmart catch self-checkout shoplifters?

The Walmart self-checkout machines are designed to detect the weight of the items you purchase and cross-check with the items that you have scanned. So if you skip out on scanning any one item, and go ahead to bag it, then the difference is caught by the machine.

The Walmart associates are equipped with devices that check all your activities on the machines and even get notified regarding the malpractices.

Also, the AI surveillance camera is of great use in navigating customers with facial recognition features.

Walmart is well prepared to protect its sales and bring offenders to light.


Although petty thefts like shoplifting are not a grave crime, Walmart does not take it lightly, marking their offenders with a charge for self-checkout theft.

This is because of the huge revenue loss that Walmart witnessed in the year 2019. Since the chance to commit theft stands greatly in the self-checkout systems, they won’t risk giving the offender a second chance and seeing the whole event lightly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Walmart press charges for shoplifting?

Yes, Walmart presses charges as soon as they find the customer stealing.

How easy is it to steal from Walmart self-checkout?

It is not easy at all to steal from Walmart self-checkout, as these machines are monitored effectively and the associates are notified of all the actions of the customer.

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

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