What Is Kohl’s Cash?

You probably have heard about Kohl’s and the amazing shopping experience it provides. But, in case you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Kohl’s and Kohl’s Cash, let me introduce you to the best hack to save a few dollars.

What Is Kohls Cash?

What Is Kohl’s Cash?

According to Kohl’s website, Kohl’s Cash is “a currency you can accumulate during any ‘earn period’ based on how much money you spend at Kohl’s in stores or online.”

Kohl’s cash is a coupon. It is sort of a rewards program. You earn as you spend, the more the better! It is not ‘real’ money, it is not backed by the U.S. government, nor is it a next step in the world of currency like cryptocurrency. In Kohl’s phrasing- it is not legal tender.

Kohl’s is a cult favorite. It has a pretty incredible and loyal fan base. Kohl’s cash even blew up on TikTok last summer. TikTok became obsessed with it. Everyone on it was fascinated by how it was even possible. While many rejoiced at the fact that it was technically free money, a few came forward expressing their concerns about how it works, if inflation affects it, and about its impact on the economy.

However, it doesn’t work like that, there is nothing to worry about Kohl’s Cash except for spending more money to get a higher reward. Since. It is not a real currency, it is not affected by inflation and this free money won’t crash the economy…any further…

How Does It Actually Work Then?

Kohl’s Cash is coupons that are earned when people make purchases at Kohl’s. Kohl’s releases these coupons on their periodic Kohl’s Cash promotions. So, whenever someone spends money and makes purchases on specific days at Kohl’s, they are rewarded with Kohl’s Cash. The more they spend, the more they receive in the form of coupons. These coupons can then be used for future purchases at Kohl’s. Things like furniture, clothes, toys, footwear, electric appliances, jewelry, housewares, and many more can be purchased at a discount with this. The only thing it cannot be exchanged for is real actual cash.

How To Earn It?

It can be earned (and used) through in-store purchases, online purchases, and even though Kohl’s app. For every $50 spent, Kohl’s gives a coupon for $10, $20 for spending $100, $30 for $150, and so on and so forth. These coupons are distributed in physical paper form when people make in-store purchases and are given in digital form via email within 24 hours when people complete an online transaction. The email is only sent out once, so be careful about not losing that email.

However, Kohl’s Cash has an expiration date. It can only be used for a future purchase and that too on specific days for a certain period of time mentioned on the coupon and it is not redeemable post expiration. That being said, there have been instances when a grace period has been given and expired coupons have been accepted. But, why risk it? Take advantage of this opportunity ASAP. Spend your not-so-hard-earned-money (coupon) sooner rather than later.

Other Features Of Kohl’s Cash

There is no minimum limit for using Kohl’s Cash. So, if you were to buy something for $10 dollars and give your $10 dollar coupon in exchange for it, your purchase would technically be free. On the other hand, a maximum of $1500 on a single purchase can be made.

It doesn’t end here. You can even use different coupons, offers and promo codes together. This is known as “stacking” and there is a very specific order of doing it. Firstly, department-specific, dollar-or percent-off promo codes are applied. Next, dollar-off coupons (a.k.a Kohl’s Cash) is used. In the end, a single percentage-off (site wide) coupon is utilized.

Need another benefit to make up your mind about Kohl’s? Kohl’s have also introduced Kohl’s Rewards. Here, an additional 5% is earned on every purchase over the Kohl’s Cash. This is like a “bonus” $5 Kohl’s Cash you get for spending enough.

Kohl’s offers extra benefits during Black Friday sale too. They give extra discounts to people over the age of 55 and some even more extra discounts for a few hours on Fridays and Saturdays.


So, the best way to shop at Kohl’s is to make use of ALL the benefits. Stack various coupons, discounts and offers. A real hack is to use these benefits to purchase products that are rarely on sale.

It sounds too good to be real, doesn’t it?

Although, it can be practically applied to purchase almost anything from Kohl’s, there are certain things you can’t spend your Kohl’s Cash on such as for purchasing gift cards, Kohl’s Cares, or paying for any services or fees, including taxes and shipping.

But, this small thing shouldn’t stop you from using Kohl’s and Kohl’s Cash to the maximum. According to Kohl’s, “It’s like getting paid to shop.”

What Is Kohl’s Cash?

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