USPS Book Shipping

The cheapest way to ship educational materials is usually through the USPS Media Mail service. This includes educational books, CDs, DVDs, and digital recordings. Let’s see about USPS Book Shipping.

USPS Book Shipping

Media Mail

The US Postal Service developed media mail in 1938 to stimulate the exchange of educational resources. Film, DVDs, CDs, and other forms of digital media are now included in the definition of media. Shipping books and other similar things via USPS Media Mail is usually the most cost-effective option.

USPS Media

Shipping USPS Media Mail might save you money if you don’t mind longer delivery times. There are certain limitations as well. At Easyship, we strive to make shipping as simple as possible while still providing you with the best shipping costs available.

Items that are shipped through USPS Media Mail

  • Books (at least 8 pages)
  • Music that has been printed (sheet paper)
  • Film camera (no blank film)
  • Audio/video recordings (CDs and DVDs)
  • Play scripts and book manuscripts
  • Periodicals for education
  • Education-related digital media
  • Charts of reference printed on paper
  • Maps
  • Test materials that have been printed
  • For medical schools or doctors, medical paperwork is required.

Only within the United States is USPS Media Mail accessible.

Items that are not shipped by USPS media mail

In USPS Media Mail, anything that isn’t for educational reasons is prohibited.

  1. No advertising or marketing is allowed in comic books, periodicals, newspapers, or printed goods.
  2. Puzzles, as far as entertainment is concerned.
  3. Both video games and board games are classified as forms of entertainment.
  4. A blank piece of media The material must be ready for teaching, which means no unused journals, blank paper, or blank CDs/DVDs/Cassettes.
  5. Books with no text: This includes pattern books, cut-outs, posters, crossword puzzles, and sudoku.
  6. Greeting cards, playing cards, trading cards, and so on are all examples of cards.
  7. Media for marketing and advertising: Anything intended for advertising or entertainment purposes is not permitted to be sent via Media Mail.

Rules and Regulations

You must adhere to size and weight constraints while shipping media mail, which includes:

  • The maximum package weight is 70 pounds.
  • The aggregate length and height of the package must be less than 108 inches.
  • The sender’s and receiver’s complete addresses must be included in the package. Protect your Media Mail shipments with packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and other dunnage.
  • Shipping via Media Mail is not accessible on the USPS website due to restrictions.

Advantages of USPS Shipping

The low cost of Media Mail appeals to many people.

  • Of the low-cost options, media mail is the most cost-effective. A one-pound box can be purchased for as little as $2.80.
  • Media Mail offers additional services such as free tracking, delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, and collect on delivery.

Shipping using the USPS has a Number of Drawbacks

  • The major downside of Media Mail is that it takes longer to arrive. Lack of insurance: If you’re delivering important media, you should consider purchasing additional insurance, which starts at $2.25 per pound. Easyship, on the other hand, can help you protect your products up to $5,000.
  • Durability: Book rate shipping isn’t known for being kind. If you’re sending fragile media, USPS Priority Mail is a good option.

Prices for Shipping

The cost of Media Mail is determined by its weight. Regardless of the destination, the first pound costs $2.80. The cost of each additional pound is $0.53.

Shipments with weights in the middle of the pound range will be rounded up. For example, a 1.3-pound shipment and a 2-pound shipment would both cost $3.86 (2.80+0.53+0.53) to ship.

You qualify for a bulk discount known as a “pre-sorted” rate from the Post Office if you ship 300 or more media packages each day.

Easy Shipping through USPS

The cheapest option to deliver books, media, and instructional resources is via USPS Media Mail. However, there are some limits, so double-check your packages before sending.

To get real-time, precise prices on USPS Media Mail shipments, sign up for a free Easy ship account. Alternatively, use our Free Delivery Rate Calculator to compare shipping rates from over 250+ courier carriers.


  1. Is USPS Media Mail Internationally Acceptable?

For overseas shipping, USPS Media Mail is not available.

  1. Is Media Mail Inspected on a Regular Basis?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) reserves the authority to open shipments to inspect for prohibited materials. It’s up to the postal employee’s choice when to inspect a media mail package, therefore there’s no way of knowing. Sending Unauthorized materials via Media Mail should be avoided at all costs. 

  1. What is the Media Mail Maximum Weight?

The maximum weight limit is 70 pounds. If your shipment weighs more than 70 pounds, you may need to break it into several packages. 

  1. Is tracking included with Media Mail?

Yes, all Media Mail shipments are now tracked by the USPS as of 2015.

USPS Book Shipping

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