What Can Get You Fired At Walmart?

Walmart is an establishment that employs more than 2 million associates. It is an outstanding place to work that prides itself on its commitment towards its employees. These employees are selected based on certain aspects, one of which is sharing similar values. 

However, not every worker in the Walmart team possesses the qualities required to flourish in the retail industry, or they do it in a unique method. As a result, Walmart has a procedure in place to fire staff as necessary.

What Can Get You Fired At Walmart?

Walmart employs its staff on an at-will-employment basis, which basically means that Walmart is entitled to end the contract at any moment for any reason as long as it is not discriminatory (i.e., based on race, color, creed, religion, natural origin, physical or mental disability, marital status, and sex).  So, the staff can be fired or their employment contract can be terminated at virtually any time without being given any reason as long as they are compliant with the law. 

To know more about the conditions that can result in termination from Walmart, keep on reading!


Aside from employing on an at-will basis, Walmart also has a points system in place, with employees who accumulate more than 5 points in six months being fired.


To keep their stores running efficiently with respected staff, Walmart has a system in place that penalizes employees for discretion.

Employees can be dismissed from Walmart if they get five points in six months under this points-based system since it displays poor work ethic. Walmart used to have a maximum of 9 points before firing an employee, but that number has since been cut to 5.

Employees at Walmart can earn points for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • For not showing up at work during their scheduled shift, even if they have been called in for being sick. One point is given for this.
  • If an employee does not show up and does not inform the management beforehand, a.k.a. unexpected absenteeism, they can be given a penalty of a maximum of 3 points.
  • To improve their customer service, Walmart management will not hesitate to add points to an employee’s profile if they violate any of the working agreements.

To take a leave, Walmart provides a paid Time-Off program that can be used in cases where employees are unwell. It also allows employees to switch shifts via their employee app, preventing illegitimate absences or sick calls.

According to the point system, employees can earn up to five points for various discretions before being fired. In case a Walmart employee has been with the company for less than six months, this is reduced to four points before firing. If an employee has worked at Walmart for six months or longer, they’ll be given five points before their job is terminated.


When employees leave or are fired, Walmart performs an exit interview with them. Walmart should advise employees if they are eligible to reapply during this interview.

  • The terms under which dismissed employees left Walmart to determine whether or not they will be rehired. Walmart is likely to rehire such employees if the employment ended on good terms, such as needing time off due to illness, family concerns, or issues unrelated to your work ethic. You must, however, wait 90 days before reapplying, either to your existing Walmart store or to a new one.
  • Unusually, Walmart will rehire an employee who was fired for significant reasons like theft, harassment, or assault.
  • If you were fired for reasons linked to your job, such as tardiness, poor customer service, or being tested, you may have to wait six months to a year to reapply for Walmart.


Walmart has a strong point policy for its employees to ensure that any inappropriate behavior is punished.

Walmart has a policy that specifies that any issues that earn employees 5 employee points (such as skipping shifts or taking unauthorized absences) would result in termination.

Walmart can also fire employees for a variety of additional violations, including petty and serious crimes, for which Walmart may pursue legal action.


  • Is it possible for Walmart to fire you without informing you?

Yes, because Walmart’s employees are employed on an “at-will” basis, the company is within its rights to terminate them at any time.

On the other hand, Walmart employees have the same rights as other employees and can leave their jobs at any time.

  • Is it possible to be fired because of a customer complaint?

Yes, although it varies with every company and is primarily case-by-case. It may also be influenced by circumstances such as security footage, witnesses, and the nature of the complaint. This is entirely up to the manager’s choice.

  • At Walmart, how many absences are permitted?

Walmart announced allowing employees to miss five planned shifts in six months starting in 2019. The six months are cumulative, so you can’t skip more than five shifts at any given time.

  • When you’re fired from Walmart, do you get paid your PTO?

Yes, Walmart does pay out-earned and unused paid time off (PTO) to terminated employees (up to five days). To be eligible for PTO, the employee must have worked for Walmart for at least one year.

What Can Get You Fired At Walmart?

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