What CRM does Amazon use?

Jeff Bezos saw tremendous potential in the usage of the internet which was growing rapidly at the rate of 2300% on a year-on-year basis and decided to exploit the same. The company which was started in the year as a mere online bookselling company have grown leaps and bound over the decades to become the most valuable retailer in the whole United States, leaving behind the all-time retailer giant, Walmart. Amazon, within the time of 2 decades has expanded beyond imagination, you name it and Amazon has it. In this article, we will discuss what CRM does Amazon use.

What CRM does Amazon use?

Amazon has a tough job at hand. It has to not only manage its diversified stock but also make the items available to the customers at the right time and right place. Besides, the critical task lying with Amazon is to maintain a humble relationship with the stakeholders (i.e. customers, suppliers, vendors, etc.) which acts as the backbone of Amazon. Amidst all the tasks, it becomes quite troublesome for Amazon to cater to the needs of the stakeholders especially customers, hence it outsourced the task to Salesforce CRM for effective and efficient management of Amazon’s relationship with customers.

What is CRM?

 CRM or we can say, Customer Relationship Management simply refers to the task of managing a company’s bond with existing as well as a potential customer. Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy that puts the focal point of meeting the needs and wants of the customers. 

The above-mentioned objective is achieved via advanced technologies to organize, automate and integrate the marketing sales and customer service component like handling grievances promptly of the organization. 

What is Salesforce? Does Salesforce have CRM?

Salesforce, in the year 1999, started its operation by being a cloud computing company. Since then, it has expanded exponentially to become the world’s largest company, that seamlessly manages customer relationships for various organizations across the globe.

Yes, Salesforce has CRM. In fact, Salesforce makes the finest Customer Relationship Management software which is used by almost 70% of companies worldwide. Hence, Salesforce gained such a mammoth jump in growth due to its flawlessly built CRM software.

What CRM does Amazon use?

Amazon is the most customer-obsessed country in the world which has to deal with billions if not millions of customers on a daily basis. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that Amazon strengthens its customer engagement technology. Amazon did not compromise when it comes to customer management hence it opted for the world’s leader in CRM software, you guessed it right, Salesforce. Amazon has tied up with Salesforce for a fixed tenure, whose contract gets renewed after the tenure lapses.  

How does Salesforce CRM work for Amazon?

The task at the Customer engagement technology is to collect the data to make the customer’s experience better. They use a technology known as Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is computers learning how to do smart things and machine learning is the technology that acts like the muscles that let these computers perform any sort of task.

The moment you purchase at Amazon’s site, your data gets updated on the Salesforce CRM software. The software is connected via cloud computing. The software analysis the stored data to find out whether you are a new or recurring customer, what is/are the product/s that you buy frequently, mode of payment used, what is the time interval in which you make purchases, how loyal are you towards Amazon? etc. 

Why does Amazon use Salesforce CRM? What are the benefits of using Salesforce CRM?

Amazon uses the CRM software of the top CRM developing company, hence Amazon derives great benefits from the analysis performed by the software.

  • Salesforce CRM software enables Amazon’s customer service associates to provide uplifting services to both, existing as well as potential customers in every plausible way.
  • Customer Relationship Management encourages to take a risk. If staff managing the customer relationship is not encouraged, then the company might not be in a position to explore those unknown areas that are out there.
  • CRM software not only departmentalizes customer data but also allocates the same to a group of personnel for a speedy resolution of the grievances. 
  • Analyzing the data enables Amazon to attract and retain customers by offering them suitable schemes and offers.


In a crisp, if amazon is the body, then Salesforce Customer Relationship Management is the heart. One of the reasons for such a mammoth growth of this United States-based e-commerce giant is definitely serving its customers so that they can have a seamless shopping experience. Salesforce CRM software consists of almost every feature that a company wants for appropriate customer data analysis. Hence, opting for Salesforce for portraying the positive of Amazon in front of the end buyers is one of the best decisions taken by Amazon so far.  

What CRM does Amazon use?

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