CVS bereavement policy: Application and cost.

CVS is an American public-owned health care and health insurance company. It also deals in pharmacies. The company was founded in 1963 and has its nodal office in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It is the most popular and leading health solutions company.

The candidate who is eager to do the job will be juggling with questions like what will be the application process, how to apply, what can be the benefits. So, this article helps the aspiring candidate to tackle all the questions. 

CVS bereavement policy

CVS specializes in:

CVS Company is a widely popular company with over 9600 stores in all fifty states of America. It primarily deals in: 

· pharmaceutical items

· hair shampoo

· detergents

· milk

· toilet paper

· deodorant

· makeup

· toothpaste

· housewares

· soda, etc.

Meaning of Bereavement:

Bereavement is a condition in which a person loses his or her loved ones like family members, companion, friends. 

Bereavement policy is taken up by many companies to give time to the employee to come out of the shock they have faced by losing their loved ones. This policy caters to the need of its employees and supports them in their hard times.

Bereavement policy at CVS:

CVS company gives a three-day Bereavement leave to employees (if they do not have to travel to some other place) or four days leave (if they have to travel to some other place) working here, in case loved ones dies immediately. They are allowed to spend time with their family without the fear of job loss or fear of salary cut-off.

The employee gets a salary for the standard hours of working if they have completed or qualified the probation of 90 days in the company.

Death which qualifies for bereavement policy:

  • Death of spouse
  • Children
  • Foster children
  • Stepchild
  • Parents, both mother, and father
  • Parents in law
  • Foster parents
  • Stepparents
  • Guardian, who is legally recognized
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Brother-in-law or sister-in-law
  • Relatives living at the employee’s house
  • Domestic partner

Applying for Bereavement leave at the CVS company:

If an employee working at CVS stores has lost their loved ones immediately, they can request the manager at their respective store to give them leave then. In case the employee is unable to submit the request of leave, they can contact the manager at the store after they become normal or come at this stage of explaining their hurriedness.

Paid or Unpaid Bereavement leave at CVS:

CVS company offers paid bereavement leave to all those employees who have passed their ninety-day probationary time in the company. If an employee has completed the probationary period, then he gets paid for the standard hours of working. The employee who has not completed the 90-day probationary period gets an unpaid bereavement leave at CVS company.

Whether it is paid or unpaid there is no fear of losing the job in case an employee is taking a Bereavement leave.

If an employee wants more days of leave, then they are required to submit a Leave of absence (LOA) two their store manager and this report should be approved by the manager of the respective store and the HR associated with that department.

Role of Employee Relief Fund during Bereavement leave: 

The Employee Relief Fund is used to assist the employees in hard times by giving them monetary support. The company gives financial support to its employees for traveling to some other place or attending the funeral in case their loved ones pass away.

The Employee Relief Fund assists 3000 dollars to the employee who has suffered a loss. The amount of money can be altered depending on the severity of the loss.

Does CVS company ask for proof to give Bereavement leave to its employees?

The proof for the leave at CVS depends on then the store they are working in. If the manager asks to show the proof, then the employer has to give proof about the loss to verify the bereavement leave, but this right is entirely dependent on the management store.

In most cases, the proof is not asked from the employees because the loss happens suddenly and no one is aware of it. As soon as the employee comes to know about the loss they have to leave and they do not get time to issue proof.


This article tries to cover every part of the bereavement policy at CVS. In a nutshell, the company gives paid bereavement leave to all those who have completed the 90 days probationary. And unpaid leave to those who have not completed the probationary period. The article gives a glimpse of the eligibility for the policy and how can n employee apply for it.


  • Is every employee a part of the employee Relief Fund?

All employees of the CVS Health company are part of the employee Relief Fund, and they can simply apply for this relief fund by contacting the respective HR managers of their department.

  • Does CVS give health benefits to its employees?

Yes, CVS company gives numerous amounts of health benefits to its employees for a healthy life.

CVS bereavement policy: Application and cost.

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