Does lowes cut blinds?

Faux wood slats, cellular window coverings, micro blinds, lateral blinds, and a slew of other options are available from Lowe’s to clients.  Many Lowe’s customers have asked whether they may get their blinds custom-cut to their exact specifications after they’ve already ordered them. But does Does Lowe’s Cut Blinds? For more information on what it takes to cut blinds at Lowes, as well as the sorts of blinds Lowe’s cuts, please continue reading this page!

Does lowes cut blinds

Does Lowe’s Cut Blinds?

As of 2021, Lowe’s will cut blinds purchased in-store from the LEVOLOR brand. This is due to the fact that Lowe’s cutting equipment is specifically intended to cut blinds from this particular manufacturer exclusively. Other options include Home Depot and Kohls, where shoppers may have their blinds trimmed.

Lowe’s Cuts What Kind Of Blinds?

Because their cutting equipment is only compatible with LEVOLOR blinds, Lowe’s will only cut those blinds. The LEVOLOR brand provides horizontal, vertical blinds in a variety of imitation wood hues and textures, so you’re not limited to just one style.

At Lowe’s, how long would it take to cut a blind?

It takes a few minutes to cut blinds at the window treatment department at Lowe’s. Cut times range from 10 to 30 minutes, based on how many blinds you ordered. After you purchase your new blinds from Lowe’s, the store’s personnel will trim them to fit your windows according to your specifications.

Is it possible to have Lowe’s put in your custom-cut blinds?

Lowe’s provides installation services for both in-store-cut blinds and those purchased from Lowe’s. The retailer will not install these blinds if they are not purchased from Lowe’s, even though they do not need to be cut precisely in-store.

As a result, Lowe’s may either assist you with the installation of the blinds you do own (could save time and work on your side) or can assist you with all of your window treatment needs. 

You may complete a form or speak with a Lowe’s employee in-store to have an authorized installer measure the size of your window.

To obtain custom-fit blinds at Lowe’s, measure your window area and bring the dimensions to the shop with you when you buy blinds. With Lowe’s installation services and a professional measurement of your area, you can ensure that you choose the right size of blinds.

You may return or replace the custom-sized blinds from Lowe’s under their custom-fit guarantee if something goes amiss with your purchase. Make sure to remember that this must be done between 5 to 15 days of the date of installation or delivery.

The price of cutting blinds at Lowe’s.

For those who want to buy their blinds from Lowe’s, there are several alternatives available to you. It’s free for clients to have their blinds custom-cut to fit their windows at Lowe’s. This means that the blinds may be purchased and then cut to your desired size at no additional cost to you.

If you’re shopping at Lowe’s Trim+Go under the LEVOLOR brand, you’ll be eligible for this promotion. Cordless slat blinds cost as little as $20.98 – $74.98 on Lowe’s website, but imitation wood wireless slat blinds may cost as much as $35.98 – $146.

Any alternatives to Lowe’s blind cutting services?

Try Home Depot or Kohl’s instead if there isn’t a Lowe’s near you to get your blinds cut. You may also check with your local hardware store to see if they can trim your blinds for you.

In addition, independent blinds providers like can custom cut blinds to match your window area. It’s a good idea to read our postings on if Lowe’s cuts doors if they cut and bond carpet and whether or not they cut sheetrock/drywall for you.


Lowe’s does cut blinds, but the equipment they use is exclusively for LEVOLOR blinds, thus they can only trim them. In addition, Lowe’s sells custom-fit blinds which are made to your exact specifications, as well as blind installation services that involve measuring the window area before the blinds are installed.


Lowe’s charges how much for the installation of blinds?

For $118, Lowe’s will install all of your home’s blinds. Having your windows measured by Lowe’s is free of charge if you decide to purchase blinds and have them fitted.

Will Home Depot cut blinds?

If you buy your blinds from their store, they’ll cut them to your specifications for free.

Can blinds be cut to size?

Make sure you don’t get blinds that are so broad that you’ll have to trim them too tight to the strings when you do. The neatness of the headrail cut is not important. When it’s installed, the valance covers it. Inside mount, cut the blinds half an inch shorter than the window frame’s inside width.

How do you find blinds that fit?

Measure the window’s height, breadth, and depth from top to bottom. Use the smallest possible width. Don’t guess; be sure to supply the precise width and height specifications. Thus, a window’s width and height should be measured from the left, center, and right sides of it.

Does lowes cut blinds?

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