Does CVS sell target depot gift cards?

Gift cards are always a unique last-minute gift idea to surprise your special someone. It is also used for purchasing products and other financial transactions. CVS Pharmacy is a popular store for purchasing gift cards. It sells a wide variety of plastic cards, gift cards, and other prepaid cards. Let see about Target gift cards and their availability at CVS and will see answer to your question ‘Does CVS sell target depot gift cards?’.

Does CVS sell target depot gift cards?

About CVS

 CVS (Consumer Value Stores) Pharmacy is one of the largest retail health corporations in America. It is not only known for its huge collection of gift cards, it also sells drugs, cosmetics, personal health care products, snacks, and groceries. It is the only store that stops selling tobacco products to spread awareness among the people. It offers various membership programs and services such as care pass, extra care, digital services, and free prescription delivery for its customers. 

List of Gift cards available at CVS

 CVS is considered the best place to purchase a variety of gift cards. It sells tons of gift cards in different categories like,

  • Fashion and beauty
  • Leisure and Travel
  • Department stores
  • Kids 
  • House and Garden
  • Cinema and Games
  • Electronics
  • Phone cards
  • Restaurant gift cards etc.

Forever 21, Amazon, Disney, eBay, iTunes, The Home Depotand Starbucks are some popular gift cards sold at CVS. Keep reading to know about the target gift cards, a top-selling card of CVS pharmacy.

Target gift cards

Target is an American retail company that sells groceries, toys, cosmetics, pets, household items, electronics, furniture, accessories, and many other products. It offers gift cards for customers to save their money while purchasing products at target. The digital and physical gift cards of Target are available on its website and other third-party sites like CVS, Amazon, eBay, etc. Target does not allow you to return the gift cards, instead, you can sell online. Then target gift cards has no expiration dates and do not charge any fees. The target cards are applied for all their products from toys, clothing, jewelry, health and beauty products to electronics, sporting goods, pet supplies, and hardware supplies. 

How to redeem Target gift cards?

 The amount will transfer to your account once you redeem the gift voucher. But Target will not give cash for your gift cards. You are allowed to use the cards only at the Target store and its website. But you can use the cards at CVS pharmacy, Starbucks, and Target optical if the stores are located within Target. You cannot purchase prepaid and other specialty gift cards using the amount of Target gift cards. Follow the below steps to redeem your target gift cards:

  • Go to the website (
  • Click the user icon
  • Then select the “Gift cards” option
  • Select “ Save a new gift card”
  • Now enter your card number and access number to add a gift card

NOTE: To know the access number, scratch off the silver strip found on the backside of the target gift card.

Benefits of purchasing gift cards at CVS

  • CVS does not charge any additional fees for purchasing gift cards, but you should pay an activation fee for prepaid gift cards like American Express, Paypal, MoneyPak, Green Dot, and Visa. 
  • CVS offers various rewards to their customers for purchasing gift cards. 
  • You can also get several discounts for a bulk order of gift cards, so purchasing gift cards at CVS will save you money.
  • It allows customers to use Target gift cards for purchasing CVS products. But you cannot find the third-party gift cards online, they are present only in-store.  


  I hope this article will provide you answer to the question – does CVS pharmacy sell Target depot gift cards? Though CVS is a popular place to buy all top brand gift cards, the availability of cards depends on your location. Check if the local stores sell your favorite gift cards before placing the order. So, the best way to buy the Target gift card is to order at its website. Read the following FAQs to solve your queries.


Does CVS sell Amazon Giftcards?

 Yes, Amazon gift cards are available at most of the stores of CVS. You can purchase it both in-store and online as it is always the popular gift card among people. 

Are there giftcards for CVS?

Yes, CVS has gift cards that you can use to buy prescription drugs and other products. 

Does Target cards are available at all CVS stores?

No, sometimes you cannot find Target cards at CVS. If the gift cards are not available in your nearby store, order them on the website (

How to check the balance of Target gift cards?

Step 1: Go to the Target website and visit the “gift card balance page”

Step 2: Enter the gift card number in the first box

Step 3: Then type the access number/PIN in the second box

Step 4: Tap the “check balance” button 

Does CVS sell target depot gift cards?

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