Which grocery store is cheapest?

Grocery Stores is a place where household items, food, and beverages are sold to the general public. It is sometimes termed Supermarket. It is a way to discharge a wide variety of duties and responsibilities towards the citizens of that place or the country. This job is all about thrill and excitement. Here we will see Which grocery store is cheapest?

Which grocery store is cheapest?

Although the advent of huge buildings attributed to shopping malls was welcomed with enthusiasm and exhilaration, it did not affect the working of grocery stores that were in the market for a long while. Grocery stores are a part of society for a very long time and people have adapted themselves around this. It was assumed that the shopping malls would steal the thunder of the presence of grocery stores but it failed in its attempt.

On one hand, grocery stores are easy to go places for buying your day-to-day kinds of stuff and also your monthly ration it’s also a place where young brats to mature to senile like to work and do jobs in the grocery stores. Working in a grocery store can be exciting if we get a range of benefits from the company, a good working environment, and a generous co-worker. There are different types of grocery stores that give immense benefits to their employees and also hourly pay is also decent.

According to the data of the Bureau of labour statistics, a household spends around 412 dollars per month on groceries. The spending on groceries is around 15 % to 25% of the total income. It also includes the spending of money both on groceries and in eating out at restaurants.

There are many different storage options available that provide the best quality groceries at cheaper prices and also fit the budgets of an individual.

Cheap Grocery stores


Aldi is a German-owned private retail company, founded on 10 July 1946 and headquartered at Essen, Germany.  

Alti works for customers and not for profits. They have a strict supply chain which cuts the amount a middleman takes. Aldi gives out weekly discounts to its customers, sells its own manufactured goods and products. They also sell different products at affordable prices.

Price Match: Aldi does not match prices because the company on itself brings affordable and best prices to customers.


Walmart Inc. is a public-based retail company founded on July 2 1962 and headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S. 

Walmart stores not only sell grocery products but also sell different types of products of daily use. Due to the popularity of this store, the public can buy products in bulk at a cheaper price. They have a weak flyer which shows hundreds of discounts and deals on meat and other products.

Price Match: This store has an ‘Ad Match’ to match prices.


The Kroger Company is a publicly owned retail company founded in 1883 and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. 

Life at Kroger is very much diversified and inclusive. This store keeps different varieties of goods and products at a reasonable price. They also give digital coupons and rewards which helps families to save a lot on their grocery items. 

Price Match: Kroger tries to sell products at prices as low as possible, so they do not have a price match.

Save on Foods

Save on foods is a subsidiary supermarket, founded in 1982 and headquartered in British Columbia, Canada.

This store cells both standard brands and private label brands, which makes it more popular among the masses they have a weekly flyer that shows hundreds of discounts and deals on meat, curd, and other groceries. They also give different kinds of rewards and point cards to their customers.

Price Match: This store has a price match policy.


Maxi is a division type supermarket and hypermarket, founded in 1984 and based in Quebec, Canada.

They are a discount grocery retailer which gives weekly discounts on their products. They have also launched a PC optimum card through which customers can earn points and get various discounts on different products.

Price Match: Maxi has a price match policy but is limited to 4 units per item.

Giant Tiger

Giant tiger stores limited is a private discount retail store, founded in 1961 and headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Tiger deals in different types of products with a weekly flyer, discounts on products. They have launched a loyalty program called GTV IP where members can if receive different types of offers as well as different saving and sporting events.

Price Match: Giant Tiger has an Ad Match Guarantee’ to match prices.


This article gives all the information about different stores which sell groceries at a minimal price. The article laid down information about other grocery stores’ price matches and many discounts given at the store. 

  • Do all retail stores have a price match?

No, it depends on the company’s policy.

  • Does cheap imply poor quality?

No, it does not mean that the company is compromising quality, but they are more inclined towards working for welfare. 

Which grocery store is cheapest?

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