Where to Find Boba Tea Near Me?

Boba tea is also widely known as Bubble Tea. This Tea is originated in Taiwan and is Asian cuisine. You can have it plain, fruity, or even with flavored syrups. It is not only Boba tea but also Boba coffee. Yes, it can also be made using coffee. It is cold and creamy. It can be difficult for some people to make this at home as some may have no skills to do so, or maybe you do not want to have it at home but outside. You can easily find it near you as it is pretty common. See the answer to your question ‘Where to Find Boba Tea Near Me?’.

Where to Find Boba Tea Near Me?

Boba Tea in New York

New York loves this sweet Taiwanese bubble tea, so it is ubiquitous here. You can find it easily near you irrespective of where you are located in New York. Here are some Tea Shops which serve the Boba tea in New York.

Shiny Tea

Boba Milk Tea is one of the Signature drinks of Shiny Tea. It is not the only Taiwanese drink it serves, but many other Asian beverages are available at a reasonable price. Like White Pearl Milk Tea, Panda (Mix Pearl Milk Tea), Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea, Pudding Oolong Milk Tea, and adding new milk teas to its signature drinks. This tea shop is excellent because it offers a wide range of Asian beverages.

Motea Garden

Another famous tea shop in New York City is a spacious spot with a beautiful ambiance. It also serves many Asian beverages like Mango Meet Taro with Boba, which contains mango pieces, boba, and taro pieces. It is very thick and could feel like a meal, and Passion Fruit Mango Oolong tea is light, sweet, and delicious. Not only this but it also has a beautiful décor with beautiful flowers. It also offers free WiFi so you can catch up on your work.

Moge Tea Astoria

This one is pretty costlier than the last two, but it also has some beautiful and vast variety of teas. Booba tea is also one of the signature drinks here, but others are also worth trying, like Cheese Dragon Fruit Tea, Fresh Dragon Fruit Tea, Cheese Berry Tea, Fresh Berry Tea. These were the classics. They also have different Milk Swirls, Cheese Teas, Parfaits, Matchas, and Dorayaki. 

Tiger Sugar

This Taiwanese chain resulted in long lines about three hours long. The Brown Sugar Boba Milk has been the most famous one here by now. It has tiger-like strips made using dark brown sugar syrup. This bubble tea variant is pretty unique and has no tea in it. This is not the only thing you get in this tea. They also started including Pearl with Cream Mousse. This is a must-try. In my opinion, all the Signature Beverages of this place are a must-try.

The Best Combination

You may not only want to have tea, but something even more to fill up your stomach, and the most famous combination is Sushi and Boba Tea loved by a lot of people. Here are a few restaurants which have the best Sushi and Boba Tea.

Maruko Sushi & Tea NYC

This famous restaurant in New York serves two types of sushi: Nigri Sushi and Gunkan Sushi. It is also renowned for its Brown Sugar Booba tea. It offers a wide variety of Booba teas and other popular Asian Beverages like Milk Bubble Tea which has tempting chocolate toppings. You have different options, or this one that are Green, Black, and Roast. Also, this restaurant has lower prices than all other Tea shops, which is a plus point.

Möge Tee

This one is prevalent for its Sushi Bars and Bubble Tea. They use fresh vegetables and rice for their sushi, making a big difference in taste. Also, in Bubble Tea, they use only fresh fruits. Here also, Brown Sugar Bubble tea is something you will be in love with. It has a very definitive test, having a cute interior nicely decorated. The prices here could be comparatively higher than all the listed restaurants and tea shops, but it is worth a shot if you are a fan of this combination. One of a kind I would recommend to all of you.


All of them are best at their places, but it depends upon what kind of tea you love and if you are a fan of the sushi tea combination or not. Some have comparatively higher prices and some lower, but all are worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Which tea shop or restaurant has low prices but no compromise in taste?

I believe Maruko Sushi & Tea NYC is the one with the lowest prices, but they have fantastic taste.

Q2 Which tea shop or restaurant is the best irrespective of their prices?

The best one irrespective of their prices, in my opinion, is Tiger Sugar with the best toppings and taste also a beautiful place you would want to visit once in a while.

Where to Find Boba Tea Near Me?

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