Which Supermarket Has The Best Quality Meat?

When shopping for quality meat, it is essential to consider which animal was fed and how it was raised. Meat which is raised with no added antibiotics and hormones is not good for health and a good diet. The color and smell of the meat help to identify the best quality meat and distinguish whether the meat is fresh or spoiled. When shopping it is essential to consider which supermarket has the best quality meat. But how can you determine the quality of meat?

The best quality meat is the one that is grass-fed and is free from the use of antibiotics or added hormones.

Which Supermarket Has The Best Quality Meat?

Meat from the supermarket or a Butcher:

  • Freshness-Butcher meat is fresher and tastier than the meat of supermarkets.
  • Packing of meat- Butcher meat is fresh and is not packed in plastic. Butcher meat is cut the same day and sold on that day, whereas the supermarket has pre-packed meat.
  • Affordability- Purchasing meat from a butcher also comes in the budget of local people who often cannot afford to buy it from the supermarket. The supermarket sells meat at a relatively higher price.

Supermarket meat color:

Fresh meat is naturally red. When it becomes old or when its quality decreases it becomes greyer and of brown color. Supermarket meat is treated with carbon monoxide which changes the color from natural red to dark red. The process called modified atmosphere packaging uses carbon monoxide which keeps it healthy and bright red under the lights of the supermarket. Carbon monoxide is harmful to the health of a person but as stated by many industries, meat treated with modified atmosphere packaging is not harmful to the health.

Supermarket having best quality meat:

  • Publix: Publix Super Markets, Inc. is an employee-possessed and private supermarket company established on September 6th, 1930, and headquartered in Lakeland, Florida, U.S.

Publix sells meat with no added hormones or antibiotics from animals, this supermarket also assures and guarantees that the meat and poultry are free of anything at the time of slaughter. The animals are fed a hundred percent vegetarian diet. 

Different animals’ meat sold at Publix: plump, lamb, beef pork, Turkey, chickens.

  • Whole Food Markets: Whole Food Markets Inc. is a subsidiary type market, founded on September 20, 1980, and headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Whole food markets meat is organic and grass-fed. The quality of the meat is fresh with a great flavor. This supermarket meat is certified by animal welfare and meets the basic criteria of their meat department standards.

Different animals’ meat sold at whole food markets: Turkey, chicken, beef, pork, lamb.

Meat comes from Perdue, Tyson owned brands

  • Aldi: Aldi is a German-owned private retail company, founded on 10th July 1946 and headquartered at Essen, Germany.

Aldi meat quality is good because the meat is tested through a series of processes. The quality of the meat is by their director of operations.

Different animals’ meat sold at Aldi: beef, pork, fish, chicken

Meat comes from Canada, Australia, Mexico

  • Safeway: Safeway Inc. is a subsidiary type retail and grocery company founded in April 1915 and headquartered in Pleasanton, California, U.S.

Safeway’s meat is certified by Humane Beef Association partnered with Aspen Ridge. The meat is without hormones or antibiotics.

Different animals’ meat sold at Safeway: Turkey, pork, chicken

Meat comes from Perdue, West Liberty Foods, Ed Miniat

  • Wegmans: Wegmans Food Markets Inc. is a privately owned grocery company, founded in 1916 and headquartered in Gates, New York.

Wegman meat is of top-notch category because it includes organic meat, is raised without antibiotics or added hormones. The taste of the grass-fed beef is fine and its meat is certified by USDA and Humane Farm Animal Care.

Different animals’ meat sold at Wegmans: marinated beef, chicken, lamb, turkey, ham.

Meat comes from: South American country of Uruguay

Supermarket meat awards 2021:

The customers have voted their favourite supermarket selling the best quality meat products. The voting was done based on freshness, affordability, taste, smell, and overall satisfaction. The customers had rated Aldi supermarket as the best supermarket which sells the best quality meat to its customers.


This article covers all the aspects of the best quality meat. The article also gives a piece of information about the criteria for which the meat is called best, which meat should be preferred, the one bought from a supermarket or from the butcher, why the color of the meat from the supermarket is dark red. The later part of the article deals with different supermarket stores dealing with organic meat. 


  • Is the meat from Butcher cheaper than that from grocery stores?

            Yes, meat from the butcher is cheaper when compared to the meat from the  


  • Is it safe to buy meat from supermarkets?

Yes, supermarket meat is safer to buy because after the meat is packed and processed, a USDA inspector comes to inspect the processed meat.

Which Supermarket Has The Best Quality Meat?

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