Does Target take WIC?

This was a great initiative launched back in the year 1972 for the special supplemental nutrition program for Women, Infants and Children(WIC), this was launched by the Title IX of the US government Child Nutrition act(P.L. 91605). 

Does Target take WIC?

This was launched with the sole aim to protect pregnant ladies and to supply them nutrition, to those ladies who have low income. They also provide education to the ladies who are breastfeeding their children who are less than the age of 5 years, especially to those ladies who are at the risk of nutrition. WIC is funded by the national Congress annually. 

The main purpose of WIC is to safeguard the women who are earning low and are pregnant. They also support the women who are breastfeeding by giving them knowledge.

Does target take WIC?

Target stores didn’t accept the WIC program as it came initially. In the year 2011, Walmart was the retail chain that accepted the WIC program. This was for the pregnant ladies with low income.

However, this was very shocking that the CEO of Target made the statement, “That they wouldn’t give anything for free to their customers”.

But after 2021, they started accepting the WIC in their stores. 

Where it is available in Super Target or Regular Target?

Target is the very famous chain of departmental stores in the USA, they have 2 stores under them. One of them is the regular Target store and the other one is the Super Target store. 

Target has made the policy for WIC, that they allow women to use WIC. But they only can use the WIC in the regular store in the WIC and not in the Super Target. This was only till 2021, that WIC cannot be used in the super Target. 

But after 2021, they can use the WIC in the super target store and the regular Target store. There is a certain drawback to the stores of Target that they are in the few spots in a city. 

However one must check if they have both or at least one of the stores of Target in their city. If not they have to drive miles from their city to another to buy the goods.

What all items come under the category of WIC?

Several products come under the category of the WIC, As they are the daily essentials products pregnant women will need or any woman who is breastfeeding their child. 

There are the following items that Target covers under the WIC scheme;- 

  • Baby department for Food items
  • Health & Wellness Department at Pharmacy for formula, syrups, and vitamins.
  • Infant cereal
  • Baby foods
  • Iron-fortified adult cereal,
  • Vitamin C rich fruit or vegetable juice
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Eggs

The first food that a child eats is from the mother’s milk. It is for the healthy baby as they feed on the breast milk for a longer time, so the mother has to make sure they are having enough nutrition for the baby. 

Women who breastfeed their baby have to make sure, they receive the “iron-fortified infant formula ”. This is the formula that comes under the scheme of WIC this is for the breastfeeding mother and the pregnant women. 

As it can be hard for the mothers to find the right food for them to eat, they usually provide foods that will be enough for them for a month. For a person to use the WIC they have to go to the office of the WIC to get the benefits of the WIC. 

How a person can use the WIC card at the Target store?

It is very easy and convenient to use the WIC card at any supermarket store. They can be used at any store or any supermarket to buy things. 

To use the WIC card at the target store is very easy, the person who is using the WIC card just need to show the card at the checkout point and show the pin code at the back of the card, after that the person needs to show their ID for them to get the items. 

The WIC card can be used with the debit card, they have a certain limit on the card. If the person is using the coupons, you need to show them at the checkout to get the benefit of the same. 


Question 1: – 

Can a WIC Card be used at the Target Self-checkout Kiosks?

Answer 1:- 

Many people have this confusion that how to use the WIC card at the Self-checkout Kiosks. WIC cards are very simple as they can be used as their everyday regular cards. 

Question 2:- 

Do people also confuse that they have to separate the articles which come under the WIC?

Answer 2:- 

No, they don’t have to separate the items. 

Does Target take WIC?

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