Does Amazon Accept Affirm?

Does the fear of repaying a credit card loan stop you to add your favorite item into Amazon cart? Your anxiety is justified because some glittering items on Amazon may add zeros to your credit card bill. Well, you need not worry, as Affirm provides an easy way to purchase anything through Amazon and pay your bills later. Does Amazon Accept Affirm?

Does Amazon Accept Affirm?

Amazon now accepts affirm as its payment partner. Feel free to purchase whatever you want and pay your bills in installments as you want.

How does Amazon Allow you to Purchase Anything with Affirm?

This question may get you off guard. Don’t take it literally. Actually, Affirm provides you great flexibility while shopping across Amazon. 

It might have happened with you before that while scrolling down items on Amazon, your eyes catch something you like the most.

The point when you decide to add that item to the cart, your hands stammer a little and you stop there. The reason why you let go of the idea of purchasing that thing is you can’t pay its heavy amount. 

It is really awful to leave your favorite item. But with Affirm you can go the whole hog to get anything on Amazon without giving it a second thought.

It’s because Affirm provides viable and affordable installment options on your purchases. The payment gateway company partnered with an e-commerce giant in November 2021 to provide monthly installments on a $50 or above purchase.

Once you have decided on the price of the check-out time, you don’t have to pay more than that. In this way, affirm is regulating the market and bringing consumers close to the market products, where they can choose anything with confidence.

Steps to Purchase on Amazon with Affirm:

If you have decided to live your life to the fullest, shift now on Affirm and get the passport to endless purchases.

Using affirm is very easy, as you have to perform the following simple steps:

  1. First of all, create an Affirm account to get a credit card number.
  2. While checking out, select your payment method as pay later with affirm.
  3. Give some credentials to tell that you are serious about the purchase.
  4. Check your eligibility with a real-time eligibility check.
  5. Select the duration along with the installment price available on Amazon.
  6. Enjoy your product and keep an eye on monthly payment remainders
  7. Pay to your affirm account each month until you smoothly pay the whole price.

Is Affirm’s Business Model a Success?

BNPL modeled companies of which Affirm is a cardinal part, are trying to bring customers and products close to each other by removing the conventional barrier of money. 

That’s the reason, Affirm is currently in profits. According to Statista research, Affirm is getting a 70% increase in revenue every year. 

USA and Canada are its biggest markets and people who cannot afford things now come to the forefront to buy products with Amazon.

Benefits of Using Affirm for Amazon:

Affirm made e-commerce affordable in the pandemic:

Launched in January 2012, the company rose to the standards of the best BNPL partnering with Amazon. In the last two years, We all were practically locked due to pandemics. As virtually no work happened, so the economy dwindled. 

This takes a toll on a common man’s pocket, who cannot pay for online shopping. Here Affirm appeared as the panacea to all the ills, as provided the buy now pay later scheme.

Now, you can afford to buy anything which was a dream before.

You do not have to pay anything extra with the repayments:

One of the major factors behind Affirm’s success is none other than its transparency and streamlined work process.

Unlike the online scams rolling all over the internet, Affirm provides a crystal clear picture so that you do not meet with any issues regarding the repayment amounts.

There aren’t any hidden fees, as no charges will resurface later once the deal is done.

To keep it transparent, Affirm does a soft credit check to find whether you are eligible or not. This does not affect your credit score.

It also gives interest-free loans, but on some items, the loan may go 10-20 ARP, which you can even check in real-time.

Final Words:

It has never been that easy to shop online as sometimes you ran out of your debit card amount. On the other hand, the fear of high credit card bills keeps your hand from clicking on add to cart.

Yet, shopping with Affirm makes Amazon the common store next door. Now you can buy almost anything through Affirm and you do not have to pay the full amount.

Rather you will pay it in parts and each installment would be equally divided into months. Now choose the plan of your choice and rock in the e-commerce world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the max worth of things you can buy from Amazon with Affirm?

Affirm provides the loan of $17500 maximum. You can purchase anything up to this maximum value. 

How much is the time duration to pay Affirm of the whole purchase?

The time duration varies depending upon the product’s value. As an estimate, you are given 3 to 48 installments and the purchase amount gets split into each of them.

Does Amazon Accept Affirm?

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