Does Twitch Accept Prepaid Cards?

Twitch is a video-web-based stage that offers a fun, social method for watching games, music, and sports around. Through the Twitch application (and online at Twitch. tv), gamers or streamers who broadcast their matches play their cherished titles while giving running analysis on the activity. “– let me be straight, yes TWITCH does accept PREPAID cards. Now all you have to do is get a prepaid card and stream to your favorite streamers.”

Does Twitch Accept Prepaid Cards?

How to use a prepaid card on twitch?

Since twitch has partnered with Xsolla, it has broadened its payments options, a piece of good news for gamers and game lovers from all around the world.

You can also buy channel subscriptions to the channels of your choice.

Below I have given a few steps for new users to know how to use the twitch app, how to sign up, and how to add payment methods for the paid subscription plan.

so, all you have to follow is follow these steps,

ok then…


for the desktop users: go to and click on sign up in top right corner

for mobile users simply install the app, launch it and click sign up.


After signing up, you will get verification mail, after that you are all set to start.


Now, click on your profile icon and go to the wallet in the menu option.


here you will see the payment options,


click More Methods under payment options, if you can’t find this option then go to the far right, here you will see it.


Simply, select your country, and view the payment options like e-payments i.e. B-coin, etc. Prepaid and many other methods.


select your payment method and select your subscription Option and terms


complete your transaction


and now you are ready to rock and roll👍.

this is how you can start on the famous twitch app…!!!

Now, we know many of you have a few questions regarding how to add a subscription, how to delete a subscription, or if there is any paid subscription on twitch, can I earn from Twitch and so on and so forth. So, let us address those questions for you give the best answer we can

Question No. 1:-

What are other payment methods on twitch?

Since the Xsolla’s and twitch contract, many payment options have been added to the app. There are many other ways you can complete your transactions on twitch.


Credit card

Debit card

Amazon pay



Prepaid card

Direct bank account

Question No. 2:-

How to delete a paid subscription plan on twitch?

for this just follow the following

For the laptop users, simply, go to the subscription option in the menu and click on “your subscription”,

For the android app, go to the specific channel you have subscribed to and click on cancel the subscription.

How to earn money on twitch???

There are many ways you can earn money on twitch.

and I am gonna tell you some really simple and easy ways to start, so let’s go

1- Become an Affiliate

and to become so, you have to stream on twitch regularly for at least seven days with at least 3 viewers. and this is it. YES! this is such simple. you can earn money from game sales and through bits.

2 Earn through ADs

Yes, you can run ads for certain brands on your stream and can earn money in return for it.

3-Run a Store

Yes, you can open a twitch store, that can sell, certain shirts, cups, notebooks, and etc, depicting the games or characters from games, that people love and wanna buy from you. it depends on your creativity in end.

4- Set a Subscription plan

Yes, you can earn through this, you can add a paid subscription plan to your content. people will watch and content and hurray you will earn a good deal.

Question No. 3:-

Can I accept donations on the twitch app???

yes you can surely earn through accepting and motivating your viewers to support you through paying the donations

you can add a PayPal or other payment option for your viewers to easily support you.

Question No. 4:-

Can I accept virtual currency on twitch???

Yes, you can accept virtual currency also known as cryptocurrency, bits and etc.

twitch users or subscribers often send virtual currency in form bits to the streamer or content creator they like and support. and thus it is a great way to earn revenue from your channel and content.

Question No. 5

how to start making money on twitch???

this question is one of the most asked questions. so, the answer is,

all you have to do is:

have a good computer or android device or an iPhone that can easily handle strong pixel streamings, with a great cam and a mic.

sign up on twitch

create a channel

and last start streaming regularly

and you are all set to go

Does Twitch Accept Prepaid Cards?

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