Zara Military & Veteran Discount

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One of the market strategies to increase sales is the use of discounts. These discounts are entirely meant for a particular group in society. Famous companies like Apple, Hulu, Amazon prime, and Zara among others have also ventured into providing discounts to students, military officers, and veterans. Online retailers like ASOS offer students a year-long ten percent student discount. 

Zara Military & Veteran Discount

Furthermore, most of these discount codes last for a given period. For instance, the student’s discount codes last for as long as one is a student. Once out of college the discount becomes invalid. Providing discounts to such a group of individuals is a great way of taking care of the societal members as well as maximizing sales.

Zara offers military and veterans a 5 percent discount on their entire purchases at Zara. This discount can be used whether in-store or at Zara’s online stores. 

There is also a twenty percent discount for active military officers. To enjoy these discounts, an officer has to bring along their military identification as proof.  

Zara military & veteran discount.

Zara is a Spanish apparel company dealing in fast fashion, perfumes, shoes, beauty, swimwear, and other accessories. The company is owned by the largest apparel retailer in the world called Inditex group.

Zara provides various discounts to both the on-duty servicemen and veterans. Zara launched the military and veterans discount program to appreciate the effort made by this group of people in maintaining our safety. 

It is important to note that Zara’s discounts to the military and veterans are bundled up as Zara’s military discounts. 

What are Zara’s military and veteran discounts

Zara military and veteran discount is a program aimed specifically at the military and veterans. The program allows military officers and veterans to get Zara’s apparel at discounted prices. 

The discounted apparel prices allow this group to save a penny each time they shop for clothes and other accessories from Zara stores.

How to register for the Zara military discounts.

Before registering for the program, one has to be aware that Zara uses a third-party website to verify and register active military officers and veterans. To register for the Zara military and veteran discount, one is required to follow the following steps.

Type “”. is an online platform that securely verifies one’s identity. It also enables individuals like military personnel to securely share their identities. 

The second step is to create a military account profile. This is done by carefully filling in the required personal details.

Alternatively, one can easily create a profile by using Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google accounts.

Additional information proving that one is an active member of the military may be required to be uploaded. 

Finally, one is required to confirm and verify their accounts through an email sent by After the verification one can log in with the created details and shop for the military discounted apparel.

This process applies to military persons creating their accounts remotely. Alternatively, one can create an account by physically visiting Zara’s physical stores. Zara associates will assist in creating an account and help in every way possible.

How to register for Zara’s veterans’ discounts.

According to the procedures, veterans verify their accounts by,

  • Clicking on the tab “check military service records”
  • Next, select the option “upload military documents”  
  • After uploading the verification documents, the account will be verified within twenty seconds.
  • The account is ready to be operated.

What are the verification documents required for the military and veteran discounts?

Military documents are very sensitive and are not allowed to be shared. However, according to Zara, the documents are only required for verification purposes. 

The verification process only takes twenty seconds thereafter the documents shall have outlived their purpose. 

To verify a military or veteran discount account, an individual is required to upload or bring to the in-store a government-issued identification showing that one is in the military or has retired. 

How to utilize Zara’s military and veteran discount.

When shopping at Zara in-store, one has to carry along the military or veterans’ identity card for the verification process. 

After registering for the program, Zara will provide a discount coupon which is the key to getting these discounts. After the shopping, you will present the coupon to the cashier for the relevant applications.

For those shopping in Zara’s online store, the coupon is presented during the checkout. This allows for the application of the coupon amount before paying the final cash.

How does an individual get the discount codes?

The discount code is applied automatically after the online registration. For in-store purchases, one has to present the coupon code to the cashier.


Zara provides various coupon codes to our military and veteran personnel as a show of appreciation for their services. To stay tuned with their discounted offers, it is necessary to follow their business social media and register for the newsletters. 


Q: Does Zara offer military and veteran discounts?

A: Zara provides a 15% military discount that can be applied in in-store or online shopping.

Q: Does Zara offer other promotional discounts?

A: Yes, Zara has other different promotional discounts for everyone.

Zara Military & Veteran Discount

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